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Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Gabe Grant From Houston to UB
« on: July 24, 2018, 08:19:20 AM »
You think Gabe Grant could be Fletcher?

I explicitly said "I'm not saying I expect him to be Fletcher".  My whole point was that your assumptions about mins alone could be applied to any of a handful of impact transfers from high major schools.  They don't transfer to the MAC because they're superstars at their current school.  I'm just saying his lack of mins really makes him an unknown, and I don't know what you're basing your 9th man Montell Mcrae assumptions on.  They're different sizes, play different positions, have different skillsets and Grant performed (significantly) better and was more highly touted coming out of JUCO.

I don't see him just being a role player for two reasons: we don't really have anyone else at the wing for next year aside from Jeenathan, and I don't believe Nate Oats would lock up a roster spot for this season (potentially the greatest in school history, with a huge payday waiting on the other side for him) for a replacement level 8th or 9th guy on the team.  So either you disagree with the second point or you think you have a better scouting report on Grant from 5 mins on YouTube than Oats or Hodgson does.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Gabe Grant From Houston to UB
« on: July 09, 2018, 10:27:10 PM »
Being a JUCO all American is a nothing career? Condemning him to being a role player due to the mins he received on the #18 (kenpom) team in the country is a lazy take. Houston was stacked at guard. Tre'shaun Fletcher only played ~40% of mins at colorado, discount his mins for playing on a worse team, with less positional depth and more experience in the system (3 years vs. 1) and I'd imagine their mins would be similar. I'm not saying I expect him to be Fletcher but there's a lot of room between MAC POY and a role player. Let's trust our coaches have been recruiting well rather than jumping to conclusions.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Gabe Grant From Houston to UB
« on: July 05, 2018, 06:38:06 PM »
Crazy hypothesis.

Next year is the breakout year (not crazy).  Sweet 16 or whatnot, Oats gets hired away.  CJ, Harris, Perk are all gone from graduation.  Our situation looks bad.

Enter: Grant and Johnson.  Both have a year left of eligibility, practiced with the team for a year.  No point in them transferring for a year after they sat (not sure if they would still have eligibility left).  Gives us a year of momentum so that we don't have to have 5 freshmen (or JUCO newcomers) needing to pick up huge minutes.

Is this Oats stocking the kitchen before leaving?

If anything it leads me to believe the opposite, on all accounts Nate Oats is a good guy, and it would be a pretty shaqty thing to do to convince these kids to sit out a year to only play one year here and then leave.  It would leave those kids stranded here.  Granted Hodgson seems to do most of the recruiting so if they were more so sold on him and Hodgson stepped into Oats place if he were to leave, then maybe this theory is plausible.

On another note, any scuttlebut on the reason for Hamlet's transfer?

I like to imagine that it's not coincidence that he was at UB for a year and then decides to transfer a handful of days after Segu shows up.  Maybe he was concerned about the outlook for his playing time?

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Smart transfers to Wake Forest
« on: May 02, 2018, 06:33:51 PM »
I don't want to recalculate it but I believe at some point Bull Run shared a fact that Ikenna Smart is now the winningest player in UB history if you include his RS year.  Best of luck to him at WF.

This probably wasn't worth starting a new thread for but I just wanted to share that I saw Lamonte Bearden in Alumni Arena today.  From what I've heard he wanted to come back to UB after announcing that he'd transfer but Oats wouldn't take him back because I believe we already signed Davonta Jordan at that point and had no scholarships.  Bryan Hodgson tweeted earlier today "Grass isn't always greener on the other side, it's greener where you water it."  Not sure if this will amount to anything or if Bearden was just visiting old friends but we still have an open scholarship and since Bearden sat out a year at WKU he'd presumably be eligible to grad transfer.

Fagan is an academic sophomore but a redshirt freshman in terms of eligibility. He started at a different JUCO last year but didn't play so he's presumably graduating this year and then eligible. Hamlet is also academically a sophomore but came here mid year without graduating so he had to sit until next year at which point he will be a redshirt sophomore eligible to play, same with Fagan.

I believe one of the upcoming announcements will be that Tra'von Fagan is committing here, he matches the 6'8" description at the celebration event that someone posted in another thread and goes to a JUCO in Florida which might be where Hodgson was returning from. He's a RS Freshman so he'd have 3 years to play which is nice, he essentially takes Reese' scholarship.

I'd assume there's news coming out in both of the days in the 48 hour period but I'm not sure what the other announcement might be. Hodgson posted a graphic showing 3 coaches heading to Dallas presumably for the JUCO All-American Showcase so maybe they think they're going to get a commitment there. The other thing that I think it could be is the announcement of the Belfast Classic field which feels like it should be coming out sooner rather than later.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: 2018 MBB Non-Con Schedule
« on: April 13, 2018, 09:57:47 PM »
Also I'm not sure how I missed this:

So it looks like this year's Cayman Islands is Belfast, Northern Ireland  ;D.  It'll be interesting to see who else is playing in it when more news comes out about this event.  Bull Run's article makes it seem like it's part of the Naismith Hall of Fame Tip-Off event but it appears that last year they were separate events so I'm not sure if that's changed or if there's some confusion on the details.

Jonah Bronstein is reporting on twitter that we're also playing at Canisius (not a surprise) and we're looking to get another game against a high major (possibly Syracuse).

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: 2018 MBB Non-Con Schedule
« on: April 13, 2018, 09:34:57 PM »

You need a .edu email to register for it, as a level of protection against random people accessing it, so some people may not be able to view it but as a student I have a .edu email.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: 2018 MBB Non-Con Schedule
« on: April 13, 2018, 08:53:55 PM »
The most interesting thing to me out of the Basketball Team Celebration tonight was Nate Oats saying he hopes we have sellouts starting in November this year because we have some good games. So maybe I'm reading into it too much but I'm thinking optimistically, hoping it means we've got some good non-conference games on the docket. Maybe our postseason success has afforded us an opportunity at some home and homes with good teams. There's a forum that coaches post on to schedule games and we made a posting about wanting to start a series and preferably starting at home.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: James Reese V to Transfer from UB
« on: April 11, 2018, 03:21:28 PM »
While I hate to see him leave because I believe he still had a lot of potential, I think this actually helps us, now we have 2 scholarships to play with for next season which I think we'll use with 6 spots opening the year after.  If we get two good transfer/JUCOs it'll ease the transition of next year's graduating seniors as well as improve our team next year because I don't think Reese would have been ready/gotten the minutes to be a contributor next year.  Either way, best of luck to him.

Basketball Recruiting / Re: UB hard after Center Carlos Curry
« on: April 07, 2018, 03:03:10 PM »
Saying Oats is leaving next year is more realistic than negative and certainly not cause for calling anyone pathetic. What incentive does Oats have to stay if he has another good run and graduates half the team and most of the core? Danny white had a family and left, Bobby Hurley had a family and left, Allen Greene had a family and left. His wife's cancer doesn't bind him here and if anything is more reason that he should pursue a 6x-10x raise from what we can offer him.

Let's look at a list of good mid-majors that have retained their coaches: mark few at Gonzaga, Greg Marshall at Wichita and they're no longer in a mid major conference. Shaka Smart left VCU, Archie Miller left Dayton, Chris beard left Little Rock, dambrot left Akron, Brad Underwood left SFA, do I need to go on?

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Playing WVU rumor?
« on: April 07, 2018, 10:23:16 AM »

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