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General Discussion / Re: Greene To Auburn
« Last post by Sportsfan on Today at 11:04:57 AM »
1st Opinion
Bucky is like many of the major city beat reporter regarding Pro verse College.  Same type of comments when a bit of disruption happens (record, lost of coach/ad, etc.).  Buffalo is no different in attendance than Northwestern, Minnesota, Tulane, Pittsburgh, Temple, Miami, Maryland, etc.  Pro sports is always going to be king in pro sports towns.  So what if attendance is 65% of schools that don't have pro teams as an entertainment option.  It has little impact on your ability to compete for conference titles and bowl games.  Many players want the urban verse rural college location.  Media outlets are much bigger.  Just being mentioned in the news in Miami, Pittsburgh, Philly, Buffalo hits more people than a mention in the Ames, Iowa or Pullman, Washington media.

Buffalo Bulls = Bills
Tulane = Saints
Pitt = Steelers
Northwestern = Bears
Temple = Eagles
Minnesota Gophers = Vikings

2nd opinion:
New AD needs to have D1 experience in a school that participates in FBS Football.  Also would be extremely beneficial if they played D1 sports when in college.  Their most important duties:  Hiring Football and Basketball Coaches.  Donations and attendance increases follow winning.

3rd Opinion.
New AD really needs to generate funding to build new weight room and remove track from Stadium. 
General Discussion / Re: Greene To Auburn
« Last post by UB92 on Today at 07:18:18 AM »
Somebody in this or another thread (or at BullRun) mentioned that the Greene exit would allow Bucky to, once again, ring the stupid FCS bell.

Bucky did not disappoint.

Bucky is a special kind of blind on this issue.

I could do a point-by-point rebuttal on this article, but I expect Tim or someone at Bullrun will do this.  There are a few that I will take issue with, though:

"FYI: Downgrading football is not a crime. It's a solution that would enable UB to compete for a national FCS title while redirecting some $3 million annually toward basketball and other programs that have shown they can compete in bigger and better conferences and deliver more bang for the buck."

Football is expensive.  Even FCS football is costly.  The lost revenue from moving from the MAC to another conference (which will have to happen if we lose football) is a lot.  Once you really look at the numbers, you wonder:  is it worth it?  There is some attraction associated with FBS football and enrollment, financial support of donors, etc.  That would be, basically, lost.   I wish that, once and for all, we can end the FBS to FCS argument from a financial standpoint.  The question needs to be:  how can we make our FBS investment more profitable?

Here is another gem:

"The same way that you can’t force someone to like vegetables, mid-major football isn't going to fly in Buffalo. White was warned numerous times that he didn't stand a chance of slamming a program down the throat of a town that wasn't interested. He refused to listen, leaving a lingering problem he helped create."

The town is not interested because we have never really had a winner for an extended period of time.  If we played in a better conference, if we could field a consistent winner, the town would have more interest.  Period.  As an alumnus, I hate that he keeps saying crap like this and, worst of all, has a pulpit to say this.

Here is my pulpit:  Major college football can and will fly in Buffalo -- if we have a plan to do it.  White had a plan to better equate UB with the state of NY.  Many didn't like it because, I guess, they like feeling sorry for themselves and are the Buffalo 66 crowd.  Please, please, AD...give us a plan to have FBS football work in Buffalo...and the guts and backing to not care what the naysayers think.

Go Bulls. 

Some further thoughts after rewatching the second half.

Jeremy Harris has become an essential component part of the team. He has really come on and has been one of our best players. He makes it so much more difficult to defend us.

Jordan continues to be a defensive stalwart. His offensive game that was so impressive early in the year has disappeared. He needs to get back to taking good shots and taking good angles to the backboard and be much more willing  to kick it out when he gets it in the lane.

We’re taking too many dumb fouls especially at the end of the shot clock. We have to be smarter. This would be a huge boon to the team if they could somehow manage to accomplish it.

Most importantly an excellent win at an extremely tough place to play. Kudos to everyone involved.

Let’s make it 7-0 in conference play Tuesday night. Bring the wife! Bring the kids. Bring uncle Fester!!!
Very very nice to get that win. It looked pretty sloppy to me and could have gone either way. That suffocating defense late in the second half appeared to be the difference.
General Discussion / Re: Greene To Auburn
« Last post by Rotaryfield bleachers on Yesterday at 09:42:05 PM »
good riddance...this guy came here on White's coat-tails, shook a lot of hands and kissed babies, was given the job, lived in the spotlight, cut 4 teams...then hid in the shadows.  If they give the AD job to another of these Ole Miss tag-alongs(who by the way made there marks by working for a crooked department then bailing before the crap hit the fan) they might as well forget any donations from me for another 20 years.  You've got an unbelievable candidate in Bridget Nieland working right down the street who was an athlete here, has made a name for herself, and has an army of people who love working for the right thing

You realize that it's Satish K. Tripathi who cut the teams, not Allen Greene....correct? Otherwise, you're quite ignorant of what all happened.

Not fact, the writing was set in motion the prior year in athletics as they began changing the way they tracked numbers for title 9 certification, especially on a few of the teams that were cut.  Plus, I know first hand that some coaches were talking about it happening the summer before it actually did, but they had no idea of the extent.

I will say Rick Cole is a dynamic individual (who was also the Student Association pres his final year at UB, and his wife is a former basketball player from UB), Paul V is a great guy, but I think a D3 to D1 jump might be a little much, bottom line is that I just don't want another of this "ols miss" posse running things...and for that matter that department needs to trim some of the assistant AD positions they have..I think there are more assistant AD's now than there are actual teams...that would save us some money :D
I’m considering a GoFundMe for Oats’ salary...
Wow. Another decisive win on the road. This team is on a roll.
First half
Hasn’t been our friend:

34 – 33 Miami
36 – 33 NIU
36 – 34 WMU

in the last three.
... off to a good start...

Well, they faded a bit in the second half of the first half.  But, they've had a few really good second halves recently, so I'm not worried.
UB playing with tremendous confidence. Some very questionable shots but it’s as if they feel as though they can run away from these guys at anytime. Beside some minor things relatively speaking just fun to watch these guys when they’re dialed in.
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