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Some further thoughts after rewatching the second half.

Jeremy Harris has become an essential component part of the team. He has really come on and has been one of our best players. He makes it so much more difficult to defend us.

Jordan continues to be a defensive stalwart. His offensive game that was so impressive early in the year has disappeared. He needs to get back to taking good shots and taking good angles to the backboard and be much more willing  to kick it out when he gets it in the lane.

We’re taking too many dumb fouls especially at the end of the shot clock. We have to be smarter. This would be a huge boon to the team if they could somehow manage to accomplish it.

Most importantly an excellent win at an extremely tough place to play. Kudos to everyone involved.

Let’s make it 7-0 in conference play Tuesday night. Bring the wife! Bring the kids. Bring uncle Fester!!!

UB playing with tremendous confidence. Some very questionable shots but it’s as if they feel as though they can run away from these guys at anytime. Beside some minor things relatively speaking just fun to watch these guys when they’re dialed in.

Unlike last two games off to a very good start. Defense has been sturdy thus far. WMU having a hard time finding quality shots. Good to see Dontay back even though he’s obviously rusty.

Harris with some lazy and lousy defense. Dontay gets best off the dribble and Harris rather than move his feet and stops the drive let’s the O player get to the rim and hacks him.

Someone has to tell Jordan that when he gets the lane AND CJ is open that he MUST pass him the ball!

Watching a high school game. Listening to 1520 AM with sketchy audio. Thanks ESPN - YOU SUCK!

The game is on ESPNU while the hs plays out.

MAC play thus far:

Toledo, sloppy lazy defensive effort giving up 94 points, but scoring at will when and how they wanted. A offensive performance, D- defensive effort and intensity. Overall grade C+

Ball State, firing on all cylinders and all fronts. Offensive, Defensive, Overall performance A

Akron, same as Ball State with defensive effort even better thus A+ overall.

Miami, shaky and sluggish first half and excellent second half. Offensive B-, Defensive B, Overall B

Northern Illinois, weak first half offensively and mediocre defensive effort with exception of Jordan who was A+ all the way in holding German to 2 points in first half. Blistering second half exploding for 59 points and excellent lock down defense overall until game was decided emphatically. Offensive A, Defensive B+, Overall A-

Western Michigan, ???????????

It has been a fun ride so far. Here's hoping Nate and the boys make it SIX in a row with another A performance for two halves! Go Bulls!

As I’m sure everyone knows game will be on ESPNU at 7:00 pm.

WMU was thought to be the best team in the west. They’ve gotten off to a shaky start in MAC losing at Kent Tuesday. They got off to a horrid start before roaring back to tie the game at 71 before giving up a put back as the time ran out. They got destroyed at Toledo losing by 30+ in a game that reminds me of our dismantling of Ball State. Both UB and Toledo no doubt viewed each game as a critical first step on the road to Cleveland. The Broncos gym is a dungeon that has caused problems in the past. Big game. If they’re dialed in playing with intensity I see another win. Go Bulls.

General Discussion / Re: Greene To Auburn
« on: January 18, 2018, 05:52:51 PM »
I'd bring the Brinks truck to Bridget Niland's doorstep if it would convince her to take the job. She recently stepped down as the AD at Daemen. None of the people mentioned are anywhere near her class.

General Discussion / Re: Greene To Auburn
« on: January 18, 2018, 02:07:29 PM »
Brook you say you were worried Allen was on his way out. What made you think so? Allen and Danny are two different ADs, with Allen in the background, seldom seen and heard from even less. White was the exact opposite. Under White we saw a department with vision, belief and unprecedented success. Under Allen, I cannot say what vision he had if any and what if anything he did to advance athletics.That is not to say he didn't have one, he was responsible for successes or exhibited great leadership, just that I was not aware of it. The fieldhouse was something White got the momentum behind and shovels in the ground occurred under Allen's watch. As always, I'm interested your insight.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / TBN article on Wes
« on: January 17, 2018, 05:09:35 PM »
I posted this on the sit him thread already, buy posting here so it stands out. This article provides an excellent insight into Wes Clark that all Bulls' fans should appreciate. It also discusses his current injury.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Sit him now!
« on: January 17, 2018, 04:09:50 PM »
Mike good hunch. His injury was reported earlier today as a sprain. Here's a Jerry Sullivan article that gives  us some insight as to why he's playing and refuses to miss a game.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: NIU Game (1/16 - 7:00pm)
« on: January 17, 2018, 04:01:23 PM »
The tale of two halves! How do we struggle to get a lead in the first half then blow the roof off AA with a 59 point explosion in the second half? Poor shooting in the first. Tremendous shooting in the second! I'd like to figure out why this happened in the last two games. The potential is there for an amazing run. The coaches figuring out this paradox will help lead to the team to reazling their ultimate potential. And that was an awesome display of team basketball in the second half.

Good info Brook! I wasn't aware of a prior red shirt year either, maybe Kevin knows more on that. My sense is that he'd qualify for a medical red shirt given the small amount of games he played. I'm sure he wants to get back on the floor, so I hope this is just an academic discussion.

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