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To all those that have been here all this time.  Thanks for sticking around. 

To those that are just coming back.  Welcome back.

Since I have you all here in one place, I would like to ask for some feedback. was started almost 18 years ago.  It was meant to be a place for fans to gather online.  Technology has changed.  We are not engaging in long dialogues as much anymore.  Statements and arguments are made in 140 characters.  So times have changed. 

I would like your feedback on how to make more relevant for the fan community.  We are not here to replace facebook or twitter, but perhaps there's a way for us to still have an online presence where all the fans can congregate.

Please leave your suggestions here.  I'm interested in hearing why you don't visit as much, what can be improved, what needs to do to stay relevant.  The biggest issue for the site is that students are no longer using bulletin boards to communicate anymore.  I think it's a generational thing and they prefer to hit short one liners on facebook and twitter, but we still need a way to get that demographic into the fandom community.

Secondly, I would also like to get some volunteers to help out.  Some possible areas could be:
 - Student liaison
 - Maybe a social person (twitter or facebook liaison)
 - Help with moderating
 - Writing feature articles from time to time.  Game previews, player interviews, game summaries.
 - Help with designing the new look.

Jeseph has already reached out to me about some of these ideas.  So perhaps we can form a group.  The whole goal is to promote UB from a fan perspective.  It's always about promoting UB athletics from a grassroot effort.  I do not want some corporate entity to become the place for where true Buffalo fans gather.

Thanks for reading.

I like that UBFan is a forum and not a news site. I love UBBullRun but I don't like that you can't have conversations outside of comment threads, and their Fanposts require 50 words. Sometimes, all you want to say fits in 10. So UBFan has it's niche and fills it well.

It’s been a while for me - but glad to see these ideas.

Make tweets auto-embed when you post Twitter links

I agree with Promo on this.  I'm not sure UBFan needs writers to do feature articles.  There's already a site for that.  I like the 2 sites for what they are.  UBFan for short blurbs and discussion, BullRun for the articles and ensuing discussion.  The only thing I miss on UBFan is a "Rec" or "Like" button.  (Promo, I hope I read you correctly).  I'm also quite glad that traffic on UBFan seems to have picked up quite a bit in the last few months or so.


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