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Wes Clark appreciation thread

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I know there's a lot of excitement about next year returning *almost* our entire roster (hopefully), but that doesn't diminish the loss of Wes Clark and the amazing half a season he gave us.

The last 3 games are in my mind the best 3 game stretch a UB player has ever had and they were the 3 most important games in UB history.

vs. Toledo: 10/15 FG   2/4 3PT   3 AST   5 REB   4 ST   26 PTS
vs. Arizona: 10/14 FG   3/5 3PT   7 AST   4 REB   1 ST   25 PTS
vs. Kentucky: 9/19 FG   4/10 3PT   6 AST   3 REB   1 BL   26 PTS

It seemed like whenever UB needed a play Wes Clark was there. UB is returning a lot but Wes will be sorely missed. I'm just sad I didn't get to see more of him. One of the best players UB has ever had.

Right on the money BasketBull. He was the catalyst that enabled the CJ's,Perkins and Harris to play their roles. It will be interesting to see who can run the show next year. Will it be a Hamlet or Segu? Jordan hopefully will improve his ball handling and decision making along with his shooting touch.Thanks Wes Clark for giving us more thrills and memories from the first game to the last. Go Bulls!!!!

Dave S:
He picked everyone else up yesterday with his play. It was an extremely impressive display. His ability to score and create for others really elevated this team to another level when he came on in December. He deserves a lot of credit for thebest season in UB history.

I think everyone is under the impression that we’ll be better next season, but the loss of Clark leaves a huge hole to fill. Caruthers’ offense has improved this season and I think he’ll make another leap, plus he’s very vocal and can become this team’s emotional leader. It’ll be interesting to see what we get from Jordan, Graves, Segu and Hamlet next season.

Agree, replacing Wes will be very difficult.  His ability to finish at the rim, his pull up jumper and 3 point shooting are all skills that currently are not available from the other guards on the team.

What you all said x10


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