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I get the sense that it may be difficult to keep Jack. I think it’s more likely she decides to move on. Bronstein has been tweeting about her situation. He mentions that there hasn’t been any discussions about a new contract and that she’s looking for raises for her assistants so she and they can move forward. I wouldn’t be surprised if she could be a bit put off that she hadn’t been approached since Oats was and got a new deal. Oats on the other hand I still believe will be here next year. I just don’t see him leaving Perkins and CJ behind with an excellent recruiting class coming in. Apparently Bryan is out in Kansas recruiting. No stopping these guys.

I'm thinking the same. All your points plus she's losing a lot of the team to graduation. She's likely a hotter candidate now than later. I did get the sense that she wasn't getting shown the love Oates was.

On the flip side, there is a chance she may not want to go back to a "major" conference team. She was previously in such a scenario and did not have near the success she has had in Buffalo. Of course, FLG has grown and improved as a coach since but it may be tougher to pull off how she has transformed the program here in a place where women's basketball may be an after thought in comparison to other teams.

Money is obviously always a major factor but certainly far from the only factor. FLG is one of if not the most well-like and well-respected coaches and people in the WNY and truly has the ability to further build this program. Yes, some of the major players this season are departing but the cupboard is far from bare with returnees and incoming recruits.


--- Quote from: TML1000 on March 21, 2018, 05:00:22 PM ---... but the cupboard is far from bare with returnees and incoming recruits.
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I wish I knew more about how the WBB recruits compare with other schools.  We have been spoiled by VerbalCommits dot com on the men's side.  Are there any sites that anyone uses for WBB recruiting info? 

I just found https://prospectsnation.com/players/verbals/2018, but have no idea how reliable it is.  It doesn't list anyone for Buffalo, and suggests that both Miami and EMU have a 4 star player coming in next year.

I think they will show her plenty of love once the season ends.  I mean she did say she loves UB and would like to retire here.  So let's see UB and their shiny new AD step up at seasons end and do what it take to keep her in Buffalo.


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