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For all those who thought that going to Arizona State was not goingto get Shannon Evans anywhere, he has now made it tohte NBA Summer League playing for Houston.


Personally, going with Hurley and his focus on guard play and running a guard oriented offense made more of a difference than going to ASU. Oats would have made him play a more team oriented game, which may have hurt him individually somewhat though he would have enjoyed more team success. But heading to ASU was a good move for both Shannon and UB. 

Seems like a personal favor from former ASU player and current Rocket James Harden to get him on the team.

There are a bunch of summer league guys that get 0-5 min per game.

Boxscore from yesterday’s Rockets game. https://stats.nba.com/summerleague Doesn’t look like Shannon got an opportunity yesterday. Hopefully next time out.

Not an NBA talent, but hope he makes the most of his opportunity and earns some good $$$ overseas.


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