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2018 roster changes

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Does anyone know why Corey Henderson, Kobe Green and Rick Squires no longer show up on the roster?  I found 25 changes between 2017 and 2018 not related to graduation or national signing day.  Loosing three 3 star players feels like a bad off-season to me.  Is that normal, or should we be concerned?


Henderson was medically DQed, Squires wasn’t doing what was asked of him and he decided to go to JUCO, and I’m not sure on Kobe Green. I wonder if he’s academically ineligible.

I love the work that you have done here Merrimac.  I've printed your chart and will try for my own benefit to keep it current.  Some of you guys closer to the program may be able to update it from time to time.  It really highlights the areas/positions that need recruiting in the coming year(s) and future strengths and vulnerabilities.
Thanks also to Eagles for the added info...

Not a roster change really, but I heard on the weekly WKBW show that Brandon Williams has moved to safety, due to better depth at CB. I hope this move for speed over size here at safety, and OLB with Collier, works well..

Good observation/question...I like size and speed at CB; will settle for speed and athleticism at Safety.  Actually would prefer size and speed at both, but...   :-)


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