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2018 Win Total For UB Football

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Last year we won six games.  I ran the poll last year and the pre-season predictions were as follows:

N = 19

Mode:  4 - 5 wins
Median:   4 - 5 wins
Mean (weighted):  3.34 wins

Let's see what the fan base thinks about things this year.

My gut says the team is being a bit over-hyped this summer.  I think 8-4 is realistic and a good solid season.  I'll be very happy if they get out of September 3-2. 

Now if all the important pieces stay healthy and play to their potential, of course I can see 10-2 as a real possibility.  On the flip side, if there is an early key injury or two, especially on O, then the drop to 6 wins is also very real.

I also say 8 wins. As a Bulls fan I'm always cautiously optimistic but I feel good about the season. My biggest concern is tyrees health. Is he back to 100%? Do we limit his designed runs? Injuries are always the problem with mobile qbs

9 wins during regular season

I like the 8 - 4 scenario


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