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Best place to get wings

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Let's start a thread on best Buffalo Wings in Buffalo.  It'll also be helpful for our rival fans who visit.

Post your wing ratings.  Elmo's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Anchor Bar, Duff's and others.

As for Duff's, I couldn't understand why this place was considered good when I was in school.  I thought wings served at Fargo Pub (school cafeteria) was better.

I discovered Elmo's and I thought that was the best I had in Buffalo.  They have some interesting flavors too.

I don't know if Anchor Bar is the best in Buffalo, but if you're from out of town, you have to go there just because it is the place where wings originated from.

I will throw my hat into the ring, and ironically so. I'm allergic to poultry  :o  (as well as nuts).

But... having a buddy who is a maven for wings, I used to bring him back Duff's on my trips back home. Nothing like filling the cabin of a 737 with the distinct odor of Duff's suicide wings wrapped for travel, hanging in the overhead compartments.

My friend used to say those were the best wings he'd ever had, and this guy was not shy in trying any and all food in all ports. I'd bring him home a hundred suicide wings, he'd pound them down in a matter of a day and half.

I like Duffs, just don't get anything more than Medium, becuase they get so hot they haveno flavor IMO.  I usually go with medium-lite and they're good

I like Anchorbar more though

The Steer also have rather good wings and they have a 25cent wings night on mondays.  

I'm not a big Buffalo Wild Wings an though...they just arent that good.

1 - Elmos
2 - Duffs
3 - A toss up

Anchor bar has overrated wings.  It seems as though they are living off their reputation now.

i heard a rumor sayin anchor bar gets held up at least like once a week. im sure its an exaggeration but it is in a shady part of b-lo

i like wild wings & duffs

bocce wings are the WORST, even dominos puts them to shame IMO


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