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Smart is transferring to Wake Forest. Would that free up his scholarship for Bearden?

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Playing WVU rumor?
« on: April 07, 2018, 05:16:10 PM »
Hmm, technically a shorter drive than Albany was for the Sweet 16 game. Mark me as interested for a number of reasons if it's a weekend game.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Odds on keeping FLJ and NO
« on: April 07, 2018, 05:11:49 PM »
... but the cupboard is far from bare with returnees and incoming recruits.

I wish I knew more about how the WBB recruits compare with other schools.  We have been spoiled by VerbalCommits dot com on the men's side.  Are there any sites that anyone uses for WBB recruiting info? 

I just found, but have no idea how reliable it is.  It doesn't list anyone for Buffalo, and suggests that both Miami and EMU have a 4 star player coming in next year.

Came across this interview just now. Looks like we have some tall, athletic recruits coming

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Wes Clark appreciation thread
« on: April 04, 2018, 09:38:50 PM »
I’ve been trying to find results how the MAC and Wes did in that 3 on 3 seniors tourney during the final four. All I can find is that the BIG10 team won. Anyone know if Clark made himself any money?

They lost their first two games, I'm not sure they even got to play their final first round game.

There were 32 4-player teams divided up into 8 pools. Those pools were Round Robin to see which 8 teams advanced to the quarterfinals. Big West from their pool went 3-0 and their third game was immediately preceeding MAC's 3rd game.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: 2018 MBB Non-Con Schedule
« on: March 31, 2018, 10:57:16 PM »
If UB fans want to see Harris get a homecoming game in NC, a lot of you need to start e-mailing and/or calling your Governor and other politicians.

Sorry pal but I think the onus should be on the people of NC to petition their esteemed statesmen. That ban wasn't put in place for shaqs 'n giggles.

Just got here. People are starting to file in.

Less than 24 hours to tipoff and still no word on where UB fans will meet.

Parish Public House
388 Broadway

Nice! Owners name is Francis. Great guy, tell him Chris from Seattle says hi!

Man, you know everyone haha.

Just woke up after about 4 hours, time to prepare for the drive down the 90. Go Bulls!

Less than 24 hours to tipoff and still no word on where UB fans will meet.

Parish Public House
388 Broadway

I don't know what the official UB section is, but I noticed that they have released a large number of lower bowl seats that were unavailable before today. Some are directly behind the UB bench, just rows from the floor. So if you need tickets, here's your chance at sine very good ones.

I'm told ours is section 233. Maybe these lower seats had been held for FSU. I've got someone asking the ticket office as we speak.

Wow. Congrats. I hope the game is early. Have to attend a wedding at night. Albany is a 2 hour drive from westchester.

I'm told that we have the 11:30 game

Tip off moved back to 6:45 per the Twitter


Perkins needs to alter his shot. I’m really surprised that he’s still shooting the same way from outside. He either needs to add more arc or he should not shoot those late in games. I know he hit a big one in the MAC tourney. I hate to say it but that was one of those no no no yes.

That was definitely the crowd reaction with that particular shot. Every time he pulled up to shoot beyond the arc, tension filled the air.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Crazy
« on: March 17, 2018, 04:46:08 PM »
Was the game against S Florida played at their court? There seemed to be no more than a few hundred in the stands. Where will the next game be played? Albany?

USF IS near Tampa, they were in Tallahassee

General Discussion / Re: - your feedback is needed
« on: March 17, 2018, 09:05:19 AM »
 To some extent, life outside of UB got in the way, but I stopped visiting as much right around the time that Bull Run started taking the game thread traffic and much of the conversation in general. That being said, ubfan feels like it has stagnated for a while, and BIE was doing his damnedest to innovate. Haven't been there in forever but I follow their Twitter which seems to be manned by a writer of theirs (and current True Blue officer) who Tim has sent to both Cleveland and Boise. Hell, he's been interviewed for radio and print as an expert on UB. That's legit, congrats on your success, folks.

I miss the old layout, though I understand that changes had to be made to protect the security and integrity of the site. That being said, the current software leaves a bit to be desired. It's not mobile friendly in the least. The first visit/render of the site takes about 10 seconds most times for me, which seems a bit odd for a site these days. The avatar feature is mostly broken (you might want to scan through the cached avatars, there are a couple inappropriate ones in the mix, including one directed at you, admin)

What platform is it that integrates with the tapatalk mobile app? Maybe look into that?

Just a few thoughts. I'm posting on mobile, which is 98% of my visits anymore, so I'm going to cut it short here.

According to the Buffalo News article this morning, we will at times double Ayton.

We will run and hope to tire them out.

Players believe they can win this game.  Don't tell them they don't have a chance because they all think they can win.

As for Smart, Perkins and McRae.  20 years from now, they can say, man I went up against Ayton and held my own.  Heck, we beat that team!

Oats spoke a bit about his strategy in a video uploaded on the Buffalo Bulls Facebook page last night. It's worth a watch if you're on facebook.

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