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General Discussion / Re: Eastern Michigan Dropping Four Sports
« on: March 28, 2018, 11:05:31 AM »
Thanks BrooklynBull for posting more information on the EMU situation. As I said before these administrators can't look past their own noses when making decisions for their colleges. Dropping down from Division I is not just in their equation. They can't lose face or their stature and are afraid they will lose their status, job or their bloated salaries. Administrators earning $25 milllion  is a total farce  and not one of them are willing to take pay cuts. The amount of money many of these colleges spend to stay in Division I football is just crazy. Just a sad commentary on the state of our supposed leaders who do not have a clue and do not care what is happening at the grassroots level of our country with so many people struggling to make ends meet.

General Discussion / Re: Eastern Michigan Dropping Four Sports
« on: March 27, 2018, 01:36:49 PM »
It is unforunate what is now happening with colleges dropping sports. It will probably be happening more because it is what is called a copycat type legue. Because of the way football is preceived in this country these powerful so called intellignet people (presidents, AD's etc) can't drop football out of Division I for fear of losing face and ultimitely losing their jobs or losing their big time salaries. Still not very clear how much a football team costs are and how much profit is made for a college. I know this is a lot more complicated issue than I am painting but is a sad commentary that the all mighty buck is the end all to all solutions.

Impressed so far with Mark Alnutt. But as they say talk is cheap. Want to see how responsive he will be to the regular type fan's outlook and ideas on how to improve the culture and changes to the game experience at sporting events. Many ideas over the years have fallen on deaf ears or not even received a response back. Still do not know how he can change the football culture here short of the team winning every game and having a product that fans will come out to see.  The old pro sports dilemena with the Sabres and Bills pricing the general fan out with their crazy prices and the change of generations that have lost interest in the local college scene. Go Bulls!!!!!

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: 2018 - 2019 Roster - Looking Forward
« on: March 27, 2018, 12:32:24 PM »
We definitely could use some help in the middle. McCrea does not seem to be a strong, defensive presence at all and the big question is how much Bertram will improve. He does seem to have a good basketball IQ and we have seen players improve from one year to the next. If we could land a big JUCO player or grad transfer for next year that would be a big plus. With our success and more national exposure maybe we will have a better chance of landing a better quality big man. Time will tell. Go Bulls!!!

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Finances for the tourney
« on: March 27, 2018, 12:14:16 PM »
Yes, Nate Oats is really pushing for us to be considered one of the better high majors. And yes winning cures everything. It will be interesting who our non conference foes will be and as always we need to win some of those games to be considered come tourney time. Go Bulls!!!

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Odds on keeping FLJ and NO
« on: March 27, 2018, 12:06:18 PM »
Does anyone have any information on who Louisville is looking for to coach and what other colleges are still looking for coaches? Have not heard any more about Mark Schmidt's name being mentioned about other colleges. I do agree Skrabukes about this past season. Both teams brought so much excitement and with both home records being outstanding. Have not had this much anticipation for the upcoming season in a long time. Go Bulls!!!!

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Nate's WYRK radio call this am
« on: March 26, 2018, 03:18:00 PM »
Agree. Nate is definitely getting more exposure with the success. He is doing his part to build a successful program so now it up to the general fans and the students to show more support by attending games. Coach Oats even said that a number of times hinting that we hope to get more support at the games. If we can get some of the 1,000's of Sabres fans and the Bills fans after they increased ticket prices again to see what a winnimg program looks like and give UB a try. Hope for an increased marketing campaign for next season. Go Bulls!!!!!

Also agree and with all the increased exposure hope it will help in the recruiting process. Next year's team will have entirely different makeup from the last 3+ years. Some of the newcomers will have to contribute right away for us to be any where near successful as this year. Who is going to be the point guard and it might be asking too much to be even close to Reid's status? Who can take the place of Oursler and give us the rebounding and scoring from the middle? Only time will tell with the coaches starting over with new players. Go Bulls!!!!

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Odds on keeping FLJ and NO
« on: March 24, 2018, 09:10:56 PM »
Totally agree UB85 about thinking outside the box. If President Tripathi and Mark Alnutt want to make UB into a destination for players and show the community they are invested in big time college basketball they need to offer big time bucks to Oats and Jack. All the positive vibes have been set in motion and we need to keep this train rolling. Hope for increased fund raising and increased season ticket interest. Go Bulls!!!!

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Odds on keeping FLJ and NO
« on: March 24, 2018, 04:11:20 PM »
Totaly agree enrique. If UB did not give Nate the contract extension I think Nate would take another coaching position to a higher rated conference. I also remain confident that he will stay at UB with the kind of big bump up in salary he received. Now it is the new AD Mark Alnutt's turn to show coach Jack how much they want her to stay at UB. Go Bulls!!!!

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Finances for the tourney
« on: March 24, 2018, 02:19:09 PM »
The only way games downtown would have a chance of drawing are: All the teams would have to have years like this year having winning records and overall exciting play and players. The schools would have to maket the heck out of their programs along with the Buffalo News running more in depth articles on the teams and players. The TV stations and the local radio stations would have to talk more about the teams and have interviews but as we know the majority of the talk  is only about the Sabres and Bills. It would take a big time push by the AD's of the schools to achieve any success in getting more fans coming back to local college teams. Our family continues to be passionate about UB athletics and the local college teams. Go Bulls!!!!

Thank you to this team for an exciting season and memories to last a lifetime. Our family is so proud of this entire team. A short recap of the game came down to we did not shoot the ball well at all and against very good and in some cases superior players you have to shoot lights out to win. Our shots were there for the majority of the game but other than Dillard no one had a good shooting game. Congrats again to this team and hope Coach Jack gets the contract extension she deserves.. Already thinking about next season and Go Bulls!!!

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Odds on keeping FLJ and NO
« on: March 23, 2018, 02:08:37 PM »
I also seen that Mark Schmidt's name has surfaced for the Pit job. It might make sense with him after losing three of his top players and I have not really seen or heard of any top recrruits signed at Bona. In Nate Oats case with many of his top players back and the recruiting class coming in you would think he would want to stick around especially with his contract extension. I suppose it must be tough to live and support a family on $600,000 a year. In today's world all the emphsis seems to be only on money. Still hoping for coaches Oats and Jack to be here for the forseeable future. Go Bulls!!!

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Odds on keeping FLJ and NO
« on: March 23, 2018, 10:29:28 AM »
It is still very nerve wrecking about Pit. I thought Miller said he is not interested in the Pit job. I agree Oats should just come out and say he is not interested in the Pit job. I think he is supposed to be in Albany on Sat for the women's game. After all his comments about wanting to stay at UB and getting the big raise and all his comments about loving it here with his familly it would be very troubling if Oats leaves. With all the positive vibes here and all the negative vibes at Pit I can't see him taking the job. Wishful thinking maybe. Is the old saying "Money isn't everything and the grass isn't always greener on the other side" even in the equation anymore. Not sure anymore in today's world. Hope for the best and Gop Bulls!!!

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Finances for the tourney
« on: March 23, 2018, 10:07:27 AM »
Agree Skrabukes. We really need to have both coaches Oats and Jack back next year. The high level interest and enthusiasm for both programs is at an all time high. UB should continue the momentum by increased maketing and keeping the positive exposure in the public eye. One point - season tickets in certain 100 sections are &135.00 per seat and you get both men and women's games!! If you contribute to fund raising efforts  or business backs the Bulls among other funds more perks are given out. For the type of exciting competitive play we have seen the last few years it is the best buy in town and way better than with our pro teams. Sorry and I mean no slight to the fans that support pro teams but I am over supporting all the millionaires  when we have to pay crazy outrageous prices with nothing to show for it. Go Bulls!!!!

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