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Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: fan attendance at bulls games
« on: February 27, 2017, 09:44:45 AM »
Do not agree with BullDangIt. Dropping basketball will do nothing to enhance football. The football attendance at most games was in the 2,000 - 3,000 in the seats even though they have about 16,000 season ticket base. The problem i said before is the team is not competitive, the marketing is not good, the overall fan culture has changed  so much the last 10 plus years with all the tv/media coverage of the major conferences. MY family still wants to  see good competitive colllege sports in our area rather than the pro sports with their ridiculous prices to see their product.  Continuing to believe in college sports and hoping for some improvement . Has anyone seen how well the swimming team has been doing in the MAC? Kudos to them. One more thought - We need a "fieldhouse". The adminsitration is dropping the ball big time!!! The majoriity of their money should be going to this project. I believe we are the only conference team without one  now Go Bulls!!

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Bowling Green women's game
« on: February 25, 2017, 11:19:22 PM »
Well, A total lost weekend from both men and women's teams. Cassie had a terrible game. When our the coaches going to get these women to play a full 4 quarters?? Summer continues to get the ball inside the foul line and does not even look to drive or shoot. Cassie had several looks under the basket and passed out to players outside the 3 point line!!! The free throw shooting from several players is terrible. Overall they shot at 50%. No spacing or cutting to the basket. Many missed layups, losing the rebounding battle. It is unacceptable to lose to a 3-12 team in the conference. Blame on the coacches on not having the team ready to play. At the rate both teams are playing they will probably not have a March 6th first round game at home!!! Trying to keep the faith but frustration continues.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: AKRON Game
« on: February 25, 2017, 10:49:52 AM »
It is a little too late to say this team needs to clean things up. The last 3 home games have been what I have been stating since day one. Hamilton is not a point guard. He is a selfish player who goes to the basket first without looking for a open player. Case in point he forced his last 3 or 4 shots  without looking to get the ball to Connor who wos finally hitting shots at the end of the game. On offense Hamilton and CJ take turns going one on one and frocing shots. No spacing on offense and finding the open shooters. How the coaches can't see that is mind boggling. Perkins continues to shoot 3 pt shots instead of the coaches running plays for him in the low post. Case in point the way Akron does with Johnson. Very disappointing the energy the team came out with in the last 3 home games. It is on the coaches to get the players in the right frame of mind. No true center on the team hurts offensively. Johnson was finally giving us a few good minutes and what does Oats do - take him out of the game. Disappointing that Coach Hunter with all his experience can not get thru to these players. These last 2 home games were a wasted opportunity to keep and get more fans and students coming to games. Hoping for some improvement - Go Bulls

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Tues/Wed games
« on: February 21, 2017, 11:45:48 AM »
The Kent State game is a really big game that when we" win" will put us in the positive mind set for the Akron game. Some concerns: Not sure on the health of Smart and Perkins. Smart usually gives us vital minutes with both Kadiri and Johnson because all three usually end up in foul trouble and that could happen with Kent State's front line. Perkins is a bigger concern. Have not heard if he is going to play today!! Hopefully we will have a big supportive crowd. The women's game against Ohio will tell if we are on our way to a positive finish to the season. So far we have not been competitive against the top teams in the MAC. One concern is the overall play of Summer Hemphill. Her minutes are down and she seems to be lacking confidence on the offensive end. She gets the ball around and inside  the free throw line and she does not look to shoot or drive. Hopefully the coaching philosophy changes for the upcoming games. The women are playing an exciting brand of basketball and here's hoping more students/fans come out for the Wed. game. Go Bulls   

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Miami (OH) Game
« on: February 19, 2017, 03:10:45 PM »
Agree, Good game to win before Kent State and Akron. Great to see Hamilton buying in to being like a true point guard who not only can score but has to get everybody involved in the offense. Caruthers has come a long way from the beginning of the season and Jordan seems to be giving better minutes when running the point. One concern - Perkins injury. He didn't look good hobbling off the court at the end of the game. We can not afford to lose him the rest of the year. Coach Hunter should be given kudos for the younger players development. Hope to see better student attendance for the next 2 home games. Go Bulls!!!

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: fan attendance at bulls games
« on: February 19, 2017, 11:43:24 AM »
Very interesting facts about revenue from football!! I wonder how much of that money is needed to fund football and how much is used for other sports?? As a longtime season ticket holder of football/basketball our family does not want to see football/basketball diminished but facts are facts and reality is reality. I was disappointed at student attendance at the Sat. game. If you can't get a few thousand students out to see a winning,competitive team then what is the answer. It does go back to changing the culture on campus. A few facts: My children went to UB along with my nieces and nephews and I have asked them how does the administration try and sell the games on campus. Flyers have been posted on campus and in classrooms but mostly they are thrown out or just disgarded. The professors and the administration have to be vocal in trying to change the culture. As far as football - the student attendance is even worse but again the team has not been competitve and the non conference teams are not very attractive. The marketing by the administration and the local tv/radio is very disappointing. The Sat. game with the 100 years/alumni celebration I only seen on the UB web site and not any mention of it by local media. I will always be a UB supporter and continue to talk up UB athletics.Go Bulls

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Central Michigan Game Coverage
« on: February 15, 2017, 12:50:51 PM »
Wow!!! A great game. You are right - Kadiri has given the team some great minutes and shown all out hussle. Caruthers has shown flashes on the offensive end and looks more comfortable on both ends of the floor. Hamilton looks like he finally gets it being the point guard. When he drives and distributes the ball he opens up his shooting options. He still has a tendency to want to take contested shots. CJ finally looking like he has recovered from Mono and is looking more like he did last year. The entire mental makeup of the team looks better even when things don't go their way during a game. Positive thoughts for the upcoming home games coming up and it will be on to Cleveland. Go Bulls!!!

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: fan attendance at bulls games
« on: February 11, 2017, 07:05:10 PM »
I totally agree with your comments UBFan99. The football program should be FCS or Division 2. Our area is Bills only to my regret. UB spent all that money to upgrade for football  when money should be spent on getting a fieldhouse. They should spend their money on basketball upgrades and other sports. The emphasis should be to get into another basketball conference like the Atlantic-10 or American Athletic conference. A better conference with overall better known and quality teams would create more  fan interest.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / fan attendance at bulls games
« on: February 09, 2017, 03:56:01 PM »
Kudos to Robby Johnson for his insightful articles on Bulls athletics.  A comment on basketball attendance by Robby and if you have not read it go to Bull Run. We are a family of college basketball fans that have season ticckets for the Bulls and go to Canisus, Niagara and St. Bona games. We just enjoy good college basketball that is exciting and "affordable". Here are some of the problems: The buffalo news has inconsistent coverage of all the colllege teams. You see more coverage for high school than college. Look at the paper and you see full page articles. We have talked to Lisa Wilson , the sports editor countless times and Allan Greene that there has to be more articles and coverage. But to get more coverage it takes money. The sports reporting in the news has been an upgrade when Mark Gaughan took over but we need more articles of the players and coaches to spur interest. The local radio stations are terrible and the comment you hear is this is a Bills, Sabres town. When people hear that they start to believe it. The TV stations are also terrible especially when there are times the resullts of local games are not even mentioned. There lead stories are still the Bills and Sabres. It would take a concerted effort on the local college big wigs to put pressure on the local media to do a better job of coverage. Go Bulls and hope to see more fans the rest of the year.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Kent State women's game
« on: February 05, 2017, 11:49:36 AM »
A very good bounce back game especially by Joanna. Oursler did not play at all. She seemed to by dragging her left leg. I wonder if injury is serious?? Whatever happened to Gabi Bade?? She did not pllay at all. Is she in the coaches doghouse!! Last year she was the backup point guard and showed a lot of promise. Lisa Ups played the backup point guard against Kent State but she is not athletic or quick at all. Against the better and athletic teams in the conference she will struggle. The next game against Northern Illinois will give us an indication of how good we are and if the coaches can make adjustments when playing agsinst one of the better teams that are athletic and have a deeper bench.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Toledo women's game
« on: February 02, 2017, 01:23:26 PM »
A terrible game last night!!!! Not a good coaching night when you allow Smith to continue to shoot when she is not on all night - (1-17) and Onwuka taking too many shots and forcing shots. The coaches have to change their game plan when players are not making shots. Bade has lost so much of her playing time you can see she is pressing whenever she gets into the game. In almost all of the games so far against the better teams in the MAC we have been out coached and not made adjustments. Hopefuuly soul searching is going on within the coaching staff.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Central Miss-again
« on: February 02, 2017, 01:09:45 PM »
Entertaining game tonight. A few observations: As Hamilton goes so goes the team. Caruthers is not a good defensive player, he gets beat off the dribble almost all the time as has been the case all year. For being touted as a great shooter in high school he has not been consistent with any of his shots. Why Perkins continues to shoot 3 pointers is very baffling. He is so good down low and can be unstoppable if his temperment is right. Hopefully coach Hunter is working with Jordan on point guard play. He does seem to have the ability but not good on shooting any type of shot especially free throws. 

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: @ Akron
« on: January 30, 2017, 11:10:51 AM »
Free throw shooting so so bad. I wonder how much the coaches have the guys practise!!! Or are some players never going to improve!!!! We are not going to win these games without a true center or a true point guard. Hopefully with the players coming in next year the coaches will figure it out. The officiating has been inconsistent all year. Some of these officials should not be officiating college games. When I heard from Allan Greene that the MAC monitors the refs I think the MAC is just giving the fans lip service.  Hoing for some improvement in overall team play.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Miami (OH)!
« on: January 28, 2017, 12:09:32 PM »
Long time season ticket holder and college basketball junkie. Season so far very frustrating. No true point guard, no set lineup due to all injuries and no cohesive teamwork. Hamiltom is no point guard, Connor having an inconsistent shooting year, Massinburg not recovered from momo,no true center, Caruthers a terrible shooter, Nikola a terrible shooter but the only player with a motor,the coaches have no faith in Jordan as a point guard but I do not think he was given a chance, whatever happened to James Jones??? free throw shooting very inconsistent - how much do the coaches have the team practise???I could go on and on but we have been spoiled by the last 2 years. Here's hoping there is some progress and team unity for the rest of the season. 

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