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Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Men's 2/13 Blackout game
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:30:04 PM »
This one went according to the script of the past several games but the Bulls held strong down the stretch.  A big run in the first half blew open an even game, while a dogged opponent kept it interesting in the second half.  Four Kent three's early in the second made it a game, and while UB's defensive intensity was there it seemed like Kent kept finding a shot to stay in it.  I really liked how UB noticed that Kent wasn't rolling many players, so let's keep the tempo up, make them run.  De la Rosa was one that looked like he couldn't go up and down the court like that.

Harris - continues to play in that groove and has such a smooth shot.  Made some nice rebounds on defense too.
Clark - as my dad said, every time it looked like Kent might make it a single-digit game, he made a big basket.
Perkins - had a big task underneath with De la Rosa but his bank shots are money right now.
CJ - an off night but this team has so much depth it didn't hurt them.

I feel like teams bring their best against UB, they're fired up to play the first place team.  Maybe this is the challenge this team needs right now to prepare them for the stretch run. 

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: WMU Game (2/2 - 7:00pm)
« on: February 02, 2018, 11:46:49 PM »
First of all - I echo the kudos given to the athletic department for their promotion of the game, a sellout crowd was great to see.  I could gripe a little about the lack of noise from that big of a student section, but hey at least they were there, they stayed, maybe a lot of them haven't been to a game before and didn't know what to do.  If you do nothing else: Make noise on defense!  Please, please, please.  But we've said time and again that if you schedule a game on a Friday night, you will get a big crowd.  You feel the added buzz as soon as you walk in the door.

In the same vein as trying not to whine about a sellout crowd - trying not to whine about a game where they led the whole time.  And yet, you were kinda wary of it the whole time too.  Like Western was always a couple three's away from being right in it.  I obviously can't complain about shooting over 50% and putting up 92 points....but it seems like the defense gets awfully casual in the second half when they're up.  If there's anything to nit-pick, it's that. 

Wilder is the latest in a long line of MAC 'star' guards who make a living off making a big show of it every time they go to the basket or take a shot, obviously looking for a call, and most of the time getting what they want. 

Harris - has found his shooting groove, simple as that.  He's sped up his game enough to excel at this level.
Clark - every game you see some plays that remind you of why he was playing at a higher level before.  Those two turnovers in the last 2 minutes should bug him as much as it did the fans though.  But that charge he took in transition on a 3 on 1, masterful.
Smart - just needed to settle down early, soon he hit some shots.
CJ - making his foul shots down the stretch was so huge.
Perkins - looks like he has practiced his touch off the glass so much that he can hit anything close in.
Jordan - drew two charges, hit his shots, nice performance.  He has continued to step up in the presence of competition for playing time.
Not much from a lot of the guys outside of these - this was a game led by the stars on both sides.

You could tell that Western wanted to get inside against our inside players and they did well with some hook shots.  They went right after Smart from the start.  I'm worried that may be how teams attack the Bulls in the future.  But another win, and we expect to see them win.  As one of our group said, "they can play such great basketball for a stretch in a game where you think this is the best UB team you've ever seen, possibly one of the best MAC teams ever.  Then they seem to coast on that for a lot of the rest of the game."  I suppose you can't expect them to play at their best every minute, but it's such a tease to know what they're capable of.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: WMU Game (2/2 - 7:00pm)
« on: February 02, 2018, 03:18:26 PM »
I'm so tired of the same questions being asked again and again about why we don't see bigger crowds.  By now, you all know the answers.

Why don't more people come to the games?  Answer - because it's 2018, not 1968, people have a lot of stuff to keep their time, attention, and money.  In 2018 you can watch all kinds of sports, many from better levels, at home on TV.  Because a casual basketball fan can see better basketball, with much less effort, from home.  Because it's a Tuesday night or a Saturday afternoon and it's not like everyone is sitting around with nothing to do.

Why don't more students come to the games?  Answer - the ones that do come are largely the ones that live on campus, because it's something to do and they're already nearby.  If you're a commuter, you drove up there, spent all day on campus, drove home for dinner, are you going to drive back now?  Because the Christmas break and winter session in January mean they're gone from campus for a third of the season.

We here in Buffalo like to act like we're special, in this case, as if this problem is exclusive to UB.  Look around, almost every college program is facing the same challenges.  It's not us, there isn't something inherently wrong with the Buffalo area's support or the students and alumni of this institution.  I just read the same pleas and arguments on a Northeastern thread (my undergrad alum) - where is everyone, why aren't people coming, what's wrong with them, etc.  This is certainly not to suggest that you accept it and do nothing.  Rather, I want to see that the department is making an effort, and they have been.  The TV ads and facebook posts are promoting the games and the teams and getting the word out there.  Crowds seem to be up this season.  All this despite the lack of marquee non-conference home matchups.  They did a good job getting the kids and families in there over Christmas break.  Every year the fanbase grows a bit.  I used to ask these questions too, but by now I've realized that I don't need to ask anymore, I know the answers.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Memo to Dr. Tripathi: PAY THE MAN!!!!!
« on: January 24, 2018, 02:33:57 PM »
I agree that the community support for the team has seemed to be larger this season.  It's up to the students to match that down the stretch.

I also agree Oats is on his way to earning a raise.  But I can't forget how according to the following article he signed a five-year extension less than 2 years ago.  It might be asking a lot for another contract so soon.  I know, you do what you can to keep talent on board, but as someone else said, there's a big difference between what we can offer here and what the next level can offer, even with a bump up.

After this one, a few of us talked about how it seems this Bulls team is talented enough to win games while playing "okay" for them.  Squire pointed out how they were porous on defense in the first half - Ringo was very good at a quick first step from the perimeter and they didn't adjust fast enough to deal with it.  Apart from the charges taken.  When this Bulls team plays okay for them, they'll win most MAC games.  When they play as well as they can - look out.  If they play a may depend on who they're playing.  But we're starting to think that their biggest opponent is themselves.  They're getting better at managing the tempo, pushing the floor but not necessarily throwing up shots with 20 seconds to go on the shot clock when they're up double-digits.  Credit to the team and staff for learning what they did from the first half and taking control in the second.

Points of concern - getting beaten with a quick first step from the perimeter on drives to the basket.  And getting out-positioned (and sometimes out worked) on rebounds today.  Miami was good at that.

Harris - hit his shots, you could see the confidence starting to flow.  Uses his long reach well on rebounds and dribbling past people to the net.
Clark - he's just so good.  The ability to hit those mid-range jumpers means you have to guard him everywhere.
Graves - he doesn't look or play like a freshman.  Has the confidence and poise to shoot, which you don't often see with MAC freshmen.  It's hard to imagine how they're so deep at guard that if Dontay was healthy, Graves and Reese would be the fifth and sixth guards in the rotation!
McRae - still shows athleticism but has to improve anticipation, movement, and positioning to have more of an impact.
Perkins - has developed his touch around the net to the point that it's his zone, if he chooses to own it.
CJ - many have talked about it, but he's developed the defensive side of his game so much.  Judges rebounds so well these days.
Jordan - takes a lot of fouls for a point guard but our guards can afford to be aggressive.

This team will be as good as it decides to be.  If they keep their focus and intensity, prepare diligently, they sky is the limit.

Yeah, a very good crowd for an intersession game on a cold Saturday.  Props to the promotions people, I don't know if it's having an effect but the TV ads they've run shows to everyone that they're trying.  Here's a question for when the students are back:  odds are most of the students going to the games are the ones that live on campus.  If you commute, you probably go home after classes and you're not making a trip back up to UB for a game.  So they're able to pull in the on campus folks because it's nearby and it's something to do with your neighbors there.  How do you get the commuters in the door?  I say this as someone who lived in Tonawanda (now Kenmore) and going up to UB was never much of a trip (can still leave my parents' house at 6:35 or 6:40 and make it in time for the tip-off).  I can see though how it would be for a lot of other people in the area, especially if you were just there.  What can you do to entice those kids to come back to campus?  Tough question.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Ball State
« on: January 06, 2018, 04:21:57 PM »
What a statement league win for the Bulls.  By 20, in their building.  There are times when I lament UB's inability to run a different tempo when necessary and tendency to get sloppy when up 10.  In the second half they kept hitting their shots so those were not a problem.  The depth and competitive nature of this team is really impressive right now, and all that's left is to do that consistently.  It has to be so tough for the other teams to devise a plan against UB - leave the Bulls open outside and we have a lot of guys who can hit from out there.  Press out to the perimeter, and UB will look for Perkins to roll off underneath.  Or get beat off the dribble by Clark with no help under the basket.  Pick your poison.

Clark - Every game I remark how bummed I am that we only get to see him play for half a season here.  He's a little quicker than everyone at this level, from his first step to his vision.  Can shoot from anywhere, can defend, can do it all.
Harris - the kind of game we expected from him.  Another guy who is tough to defend because he can and will shoot from anywhere.
Graves - at the MAC level you don't often get freshmen who are able to contribute much right from the start. He has the makings of a really good all-around guard.  Not afraid to shoot.  It's amazing to think their depth is to the point that if Carruthers were healthy, Graves and Reese would be the fifth and sixth guards in the rotation.
Jordan - has taken the message to get tough on defense as a way to get playing time to heart.
CJ - hit his shots down the stretch any time Ball State looked interested in coming back.  Has become such a solid defender.
Perkins - aside from foul shots, as another poster noted, won his matchup with Moses. 

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: UB at Syracuse 12/19
« on: December 20, 2017, 09:01:17 AM »
I caught the first half before I had to leave for practice.  I understand the disappointment of some people that they're unable to win games like this - I agree a little bit, that "moral victories" seem a little hollow after a while.  What I am proud of is how they have legitimately competed in these games against teams from the top level.  They didn't sneak up on them, they didn't get lucky, they went in there and played them straight up till the end.  It says something in a good way about our expectations, the team's expectations, their rising ability and competitiveness.  A friend of mine texted afterwards that you may not see SU schedule the Bulls again for another 16 years after this.

Clark looked like the hungry, aggressive player I expected him to be.  Perkins was finding out there's a different level of size inside under the basket at the ACC level, but it sounds like he still made plenty of plays.  This seemed a little like the Bona game - poor shooting, especially down the stretch.  What I want to see going forward is, can they play with that competitive fire game in and game out, not just against the big teams; and can they get some of the sloppiness - turnovers, bad shooting, missed foul shots - in order in time for conference play?

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: UB at Syracuse 12/19
« on: December 18, 2017, 03:26:27 PM »
I hope they approach these next two games with the same mindset they did going to Kentucky and Duke in recent years - play without fear and intimidation, play your game, do what you do and play like there's nothing to lose and all to gain.  Find that you CAN play with these guys and build off that confidence.  Hopefully the Cincinnati game was that lesson - here's how big and fast they are and hey, we competed with them straight up.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Robert Morris Game (12/16 - 2:00pm)
« on: December 18, 2017, 03:22:17 PM »
Thanks guru.  I agree with you on Jordan - it goes back to my point about tempo, there's a time to ramp it up and a time to slow it down, and I can't tell if they know that yet.  I'm not sure how much I want to read into these next two games.  Ideally I'd like to know how they stack up against similarly talented mid-majors. 

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Robert Morris Game (12/16 - 2:00pm)
« on: December 16, 2017, 10:02:36 PM »
You could've fooled me that this Robert Morris team was 6-4, I wasn't impressed at all.  Maybe they depend on the three-ball and they didn't hit one until there was under 2 minutes to go.  I feel like UB won today without having to play as well as they could.  20-some assists is great; 20-some turnovers is not.  Some timely threes today to kill any possible rallies by the Colonials.  Robert Morris harried UB on the perimeter all game, but some nice inside-outside game in the first half plus finding Smart underneath picked that apart.  Yet again, this team loses focus when they go up by 10 or so.  They start turning it over and taking bad shots and rushed shots.  There's a time to push the tempo, and there's a time to lock it down, and you don't need to jack up three's and push it into turnovers with 20-something on the shot clock when you're up 12.  That's how you blow double digit leads.  Robert Morris wasn't good enough today to make them pay, but a better team will.

Jordan - we're seeing his all around game mature, the shooting, confidence to take it to the net, defensive prowess. 
Harris - we were promised a guy who could slash to the net in big strides and he showed that today.  We need him to become that guy who can mark out a key player on the other team, crash the boards, and be willing and able to hit shots from anywhere on offense, and he's getting there.
Smart - my feeling on the big guys besides Perkins is, give us good minutes.  Eat up fouls, get in good positions for rebounds and put-backs, make your foul shots.  Ikenna did all those today.  We've seen UB teams in the past that made a concerted effort to pop balls back up and out to get second and third chances on offense, and they were doing that today.
Perkins - a couple times every game he makes a move near the hoop that you think is pretty much unstoppable at this level.  So I wish he would keep the temper hidden because he's a junior and a key player and should be better than that.  Glad the game was in hand so coach could let him sit.
McRae - commits fouls because he doesn't react quick enough or get in the right position.  Has to improve at these things if he's going to be anything more than a big athletic guy who eats up fouls inside.
Bertram - ditto.  Needs to move faster and play bigger and tougher, just being tall isn't going to be enough.
Graves - he seems like he'll be this do-everything guard that can do a little shooting, a little ball handling, and be robust on defense.  Really like what I see so far.
Reese - has been a better outside shooter than I expected at first.  I like how these freshmen aren't afraid to take some shots, we've seen a lot in the past who are afraid to and the defenses know it.
CJ - Graves, see what you can become, in terms of a guard who's effective at both ends of the floor.  Shooting, rebounding, a healthy CJ is a really dynamic player.

That Robert Morris coach had a lot to yap about early when his guys won a held ball.  He quieted down pretty quick.

This afternoon's crowd was the kind you expect on a Saturday afternoon when classes are done and people are out doing other stuff.  Credit to the students who showed up for showing up - but please, do something.  No noise on defense, hardly any on foul shots (my friend's 4-year old son was louder), no cheers on offense (thank you to the cheerleaders for starting a few).  It got to the point that you could hear Morris' bench cheering 'DEFENSE' when we had the ball but nothing from our end zone when they did. 

It made me wonder - I assume most of the student crazies they get to the games live on campus.  The student body is probably what, half commuters?  Do any of them go to these games?  Does the athletic department need different marketing methods for on-campus and commuting students?  I mean I understand that it's break, BUT if half the student body lives in the area, that kind negates that excuse a bit.

Excited to see what this team can do in the next couple games at Syracuse and A&M.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Central PA Game (12/9 - 2:00pm)
« on: December 14, 2017, 12:17:15 PM »
Thanks.  I tried not to be lazy and I looked back for a thread I might've missed along the way.  Must've been buried in one of them.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Central PA Game (12/9 - 2:00pm)
« on: December 13, 2017, 02:17:36 PM »
A side note about the guys at the end of the bench who got some playing time on Saturday - no James Jones.  I thought of this as I looked at the schedule poster by my desk.  He's no longer listed on the roster on the team site.  I don't recall hearing anything on here about him leaving but it wouldn't surprise me, they're really deep at guard right now (and about to get Clark in there) so playing time going forward was going to be slim to none.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Central PA Game (12/9 - 2:00pm)
« on: December 09, 2017, 09:35:41 PM »
I'll forego most observations about this game because, really, what was the point.  I understand playing a D-2 team as a 'preseason' game at the start, but I don't get this, other than maybe they needed another game in there.  Credit to Central Penn for being willing to come up for this and playing hard till the end.  Today was a shining example of how no one wants to play against the Bulls here in Buffalo.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Delaware
« on: December 07, 2017, 10:51:42 AM »
We're getting to the point where CJ and Perkins are juniors that we can expect more consistent contributions.  However, almost a double-double in the first half is beyond that, but we've always known CJ can get NBA Jam 'on fire' and drop a lot of points quickly.  What some others have talked about - he doesn't get as recognized for his defensive and especially rebounding capability.  I suspect a lot of that is being able to read the play well.  Props to the Bulls for responding well on the road.  As good as the guard depth is - hope Dontay isn't out long (I was hoping for a full squad to take on Syracuse), but we should be able to manage until MAC play.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Bona
« on: December 05, 2017, 04:18:57 PM »
I don't think student attendance has changed much.  I do think the overall fanbase has gradually improved year on year from the Reggie years up to the present, to the point that we'll get at least 2k no matter who they're playing or when they're playing.  I think WHEN the games are scheduled matters a lot - some of the best student crowds are on Friday nights, as opposed to Tuesday nights or Saturday afternoons.   I have told several people that I think the schools missed a big opportunity with the games vs Bona and Canisius here, as good as the crowds were they could've generated a much bigger buzz by moving them to Friday night.  Now we're on the precipice of the winter break doldrums, where the band and spirit team are gone, most of the students are too, and it's up to us alums to make some noise.

HA hahahaha, the only people who think Bona is a big deal are, you guessed it, Bona.  Your typical Bona fan is arrogant on a Steelers/Packers fan level, talking like they invented the game.  Case in point, the poster(s) who came into this thread with their backhanded 'compliments' and condescending tone, as if any of us have anything to learn from you.  The patronization was evident past the veneer of nicety.  Do you think we just figured out what a "basketball" is?

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