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Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Bona
« on: December 02, 2017, 09:45:59 PM »
The first half was an example of two good teams playing good basketball.  At halftime you had to think that this was going to be decided by the last couple possessions.  The second half however, yikes, I don't think either team was too proud of that.  A lot of missed shots from the line and the field - UB shot what 33 percent, Bona 37 percent.  UB can play aggressive on defense on the perimeter knowing they're so deep at guard but as others pointed out, it was tougher without Jordan and Dontay.  Mobley made his shots but Adams was a waste of space.  Bona's inside guys couldn't handle Perkins.  The game came down to the fact that UB kept bricking shots down the stretch and Bona made their free throws (except the two rarely seen air-ball free throws, that was a treat), that turned a see-sawing game into a solid lead.  CJ and Perkins were big today, Reese and Graves some solid minutes off the bench when they were needed. Montell and Perkins did well to stay out of foul trouble (though we got blasted off the boards in the stats), Harris couldn't hit his shots, free throw shooting was horrible.  The Bulls can destroy some teams based on athleticism but against a similar opponent like this they have to be sharper.

I loved seeing the building full, but I didn't feel a lot of intensity from the end zone.  Bona fans were loud at the beginning and at the end, nothing in between.  They've usually been the rudest ones I've come across there.  As with the Canisius game, I can't help but think this would've generated a lot more buzz had they scheduled it on Friday night rather than Saturday morning.  Still not sure what a "Bonnie" is.

Buffalo Bulls Football / Re: 2017 UB Football Win Predictions
« on: November 25, 2017, 01:20:32 AM »
I don't see them beating Minnesota, Army, or Florida Atlantic.  The only games I see them possibly winning are Colgate at home, at Kent, at Ball State.  Maybe at Akron.  And I wouldn't count anything automatic against Colgate because they're usually a strong program.  I mean best case scenario they win like 4 games, realistically I'm thinking 2.  I haven't heard any good reasons why this year's team will be any more competitive than last year's.

Mea culpa. Credit to the players and staff, they've been a competitive team in every game and made more of this season than I could've expected beforehand.  I think Tyree has a lot to improve and grow from but he looked better as the season wore on.  The defense bent but didn't break too much.  Anthony Johnson is almost uncoverable at the MAC level.  After a couple rough seasons they took some great steps forward this year.  There is a lot to be optimistic about next year.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Jacksonville
« on: November 15, 2017, 10:18:19 PM »
I loved how the Bulls came out firing while Jacksonville St looked clutzy.  I thought, who are these guys?  Then what happened next, what happened a lot last year, UB will go up 9-12 points then lose focus.  Won't get back in transition, won't box out, some sloppy passes and bad shots, and soon enough the other team catches up.  I know basketball is largely a game of runs and momentum but I wish this team could stay on task to grab one of these games by the throat and see it through.  Second half, same scenario. 

I would say that both coaches had calls to complain about but that JSU coach sure quieted down in the second half as his team was going to the line almost every possession.  Every so often we see a non-conference team that you don't know but by the end you're really annoyed by - Manhattan a few years ago, and these guys.  The Giga guy had zero touch around the basket but could hit from outside.  A lot of airballs.  They were sloppy, and stayed in it when the Bulls decided to be too.  Case in point - two turnovers in a row at the end, and Perkins' inbound pass right to a JSU player who then scored an easy two.  They play fast at times when they don't need to.

A solid win however, a good test against what was billed as a quality opponent.

Perkins - he has a really good touch around the hoop at this point, he looks like he's practiced those shots a lot.  He's getting good position defensively too.
Bertram - he's moved a little better every game, today he got in good positions to get rebounds, a put-back, drew some fouls, etc.  Have to remember he hasn't played in a year.
Harris - the story of the first half for him and a lot of the Bulls was missed layups.  Good moves to the hoop, just couldn't finish them off.  He was sitting on one point when he could've had 12.  One of the guys behind me remarked that sometimes he looks like he's not used to the increased speed of everything at this level yet.  Case in point, getting rejected on a long pass that should've been an easy two.
Jordan - what we said last time, he can shoot now and plays with so much more confidence.
Dontay - picked a good time to hit 2 free throws at the end after missing many before that.  I loved a big rebound he had earlier, flying into a crowd of taller players for it.
CJ - that was the CJ we missed the past two games.  Had a big game and clanked a few open three's.  Hit some key shots when the momentum seemed to be swinging, as he tends to.
Montell - the put-back dunk, that's we need him to do, not brick so many from three
Graves - looks like a freshman with a lot of potential who doesn't quite have the touch on these yet

Soooo many fouls.

A good amount of life on a weeknight from the end zone, that was nice to see.  The band was sharp and loud as ever and really got into it when they weren't playing.  It looked like a fun time over there as opposed to some games when it seems like everyone's waiting for something to happen.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Canisius predictions
« on: November 11, 2017, 04:21:58 PM »
These games are close, and sometimes they're not.  It always felt like it was going to be the former today.  Canisius was shooting better than 50% from three in the first half, and something like 60% overall, and still UB was up by a couple.  The Bulls came out flat in the second half, saved by a few three's, and ultimately fought back from down 5.  That sequence where Perkins hit a jumper off the glass, then the Bulls intercepted a pass and Jordan layed it in, flipped the script.  I really liked how the team faced that rough stretch and adversity and found a way to get past it. 

Perkins - as someone else already stated, played like the maturing power forward and go-to player that he should be at this point.  Picked good spots for his shots today. 
Jordan - he has improved his shooting ability, and it means he's a factor in the game.  Being able to hit that mid-range pullup jumper means so much.  Stepped up today when it wasn't working for some others.
CJ - we kept waiting for that CJ flurry where he drops a dozen points in a few minutes and blows the game open. 
Carruthers - had a nice put-back bucket underneath in the first half
Harris - a smooth, confident player who hit some big shots from outside and his free throws at the end to clinch it
Bertram - still has to move his feet quicker but I saw a little more fight under the hoop today

I thought the Bulls still need to do better at boxing out and getting position under the basket on both ends.  I also thought Canisius was able to get a step around the corner, especially in the second half, and this caused problems defensively (and drew fouls).  As for the Stiffs - I thought they played a faster tempo than I expected.  I hate watching Crumpton - his whole game boils down to chucking up three's and going down easily looking for charges.  And crying about it when it doesn't work.  At one point the refs weren't buying it anymore.  I do not understand what Reggie was thinking down the stretch - UB gets the ball up 3 and the shot clock is off, and they don't immediately foul.  So they were going to let UB just pass it around?  I mean, Perkins almost turned it over but kept it.  Then coming back, 14 seconds left, the Stiffs bring it up court, they're sitting on two timeouts and instead of calling one with 10 seconds left and drawing up a play to get a three to tie it, instead Johnson can't keep it in bounds and they turn it over.  What were they thinking?

I thought Daemen brought more fans and enthusiasm than Canisius did.  It was a pretty good crowd for a Saturday afternoon, I can't help but think of the buzz it could've generated on a Friday night.  The end zone got rocking at the end but lost a lot of energy in the second half as the team did.  Good job by the band to try to keep that going.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Daemen
« on: November 04, 2017, 11:07:21 AM »
I kinda agree with both of you.  No, UB shouldn't have a tough time with a D-2 team.  But, credit to Daemen, they were up for this game and played well.  In the grand scheme of things I'd rather have a game that pushes the Bulls to work at this point than one they were able to coast through.  Daemen stayed in it in the first half like most college basketball underdogs do - hitting outside shots.  They ultimately fell behind from some UB fast breaks and because UB shut down their outside shooting in the second half.  Squire is right in saying that some of these guys are going to have to be a lot better by January - I'm thinking McRea and Bertram - if they're going to be effective.

Ever since Hurley came on, the team turned into one that looked to run in transition, as opposed to Reggie's patient half-court offense.  So it was always going to turn into a guard-heavy operation.  What I like however is some of these guys are kinda big for guards - Reese is 6'4", Graves is 6'3", Harris is listed as a guard even though he's 6'7", CJ is 6'3" but seems to play bigger than this on defense.  Used correctly, it's a swarm of very athletic guys who can run the floor anywhere.  Look at how many teams last year keyed on taking away our transition game at all costs, often resorting to just fouling them right away.  So I would have to guess that Reggie is going to try to slow that game down to a crawl.  Work the ball around patiently to get Crumpton and others some outside shots, and hope that UB gets frustrated and acts too erratically on offense.

I'm a huge Simpsons fan, so every time Graves made a play I thought of Mr. Burns sabotaging a Greenpeace boat: "The man you trusted wasn't Wavy Gravy after all!"

The cost-benefit ratio for the average fan in the stands for the "act crazy to win a dozen Paula's Donuts" is off the charts!  I mean I usually hate those Jumbotron-enabled distractions but this one had me thinking "wow what is the stupidest thing I could do right here right now to get attention?"  I mean, there's no way I can possibly beat a 19 year old in the end zone in that kind of thing though.

Here's one for the long time fans - my brother says Bertram looks just like Kevin Swoffer.  Hopefully he will play better.

I am careful to remember that any team is very much a 'work-in-progress' at this stage of the season.  The potential is there, but as long as we're seeing week-by-week improvement we'll be fine.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Daemen
« on: November 03, 2017, 10:50:49 PM »
Walking in, hearing the band in full force, as we passed by the trophy case, brought a smile to my face.  It felt great to be back. 

First of all, props to Daemen, they came to play, and MacDonald is a good coach at that level.  Their school brings as many (or more) fans than Canisius or Niagara does, plus cheerleaders, a good job by them getting their program going with some support.  UB wasn't going to get anything out of a preseason game they didn't have to try in, so this was a good exercise.  They shut down Daemen's outside shooting in the second half and that closed it out.  I felt that until the last 10 minutes UB didn't do a good enough job of getting position under the basket on either end.  It meant they fouled guys, didn't box out, and didn't get those second and third chance buckets.  In the first half Daemen played their zone and UB was having a little trouble with it. 

Harris - looks ready to be one of the guys leading the team.  Kinda like Hamilton he can play anywhere on the floor, hit any shot, and his athleticism on defense and going up for rebounds is really mpressive.
Reese - very athletic, confident, huge potential there
Jordan - seems a little more polished this year, what you'd expect from a sophomore. 
Carruthers - still a pest on defense, still had trouble consistently hitting shots.
Perkins - when he realized that none of these guys at this level could stop him underneath, he displayed great touch around the hoop and bulldozed them.
Graves - doesn't seem as ready as Reese but made some plays.  Another guy with a lot of potential
CJ - came off the bench, but did what he does - when others are just passing around the perimeter, he will take it to the hoop and draw some fouls, break open the defense.
McRae - needs better positioning and reaction, when that was off he got caught fouling guys.  If they can smooth his game out his size and reach are going to be vital inside in league play.
Bertram - finally got to see him play.  He has the size, not quite the confidence yet, but he doesn't move his feet or react quick enough yet.  He'll be effective if he can set himself up positionally under the net for rebounds.  But he was fouling guys because he was a step slow reacting to things, that has to get better.

The band sounded great - was it the football band's game?  I know it's not spelled the same but can we get the return of the "Tubas are McRae-niacs" sign? 

This team looks so deep right now.  Just look at the guard rotation - Jordan, Carruthers, Graves, CJ, Reese - and that's not even counting Clark yet.  I kinda feel bad for James Jones, having to try to crack that depth chart.   It feels like they have two sets of guys who are almost equally good.

I will give a nice cheer for Reggie next Saturday before the game but after that please destroy Canisius.

General Discussion / Re: Mack
« on: October 25, 2017, 11:25:10 PM »
This was reported on last year too.  Whatever happened, it sounds personal enough that he doesn't want to make it public, and that's probably the classy move.  Unless someone is on the inside enough that they actually know, anything we speculate is just speculation.

The Greatest Bull of Them All will always get a mighty cheer from the fans who will never forget what he did here.  And hopefully whatever's up will get resolved and we'll see him back around someday.

Buffalo Bulls Football / Re: Path to 7 wins
« on: October 07, 2017, 10:10:01 PM »
Credit where credit is due: this team is a lot more competitive than I expected before the season.  And we're at the point right now where we have to seriously consider if Drew Anderson should be the starter going forward.  I don't know if this team will make it over the hump against some of the best MAC teams this season but they should be able to beat any of the lower half.  All in all, finally some signs that things are moving in the right direction.  Kudos to the staff and players.

Buffalo Bulls Football / Re: Minnesota game notes
« on: August 31, 2017, 10:36:25 PM »
Verizon Fios had the Big Ten channel.

What a frustrating game.  Both of those teams were bad, just UB slightly more so.  Props to the pass defense in particular, and the defense's ability to get stops on third downs.  I'm concerned about teams wearing them down with the run (Army next week) but credit where credit is due.  Yet again the offense gave up on the run early.  Tyree as usual had some good throws but he doesn't do so consistently.  Can NOT just heave it up when pressured, if he keeps doing that everyone is going to throw that delayed blitz.  The receivers did him no favors tonight though, drop after drop after drop.  You'd think I'd be positive after a close game with a Big Ten team, but that Minnesota team is terrible, Fleck had much more talent at Western.  I've said it many times that the bottom half of the Big Ten isn't much different than a lot of the MAC - I just didn't imagine that included the Bulls.  The Mack/Oliver Bulls would've destroyed these guys.  I like how the team stayed in this one, but darn that game was just sitting there all second half waiting to be taken and they couldn't do it.

Buffalo Bulls Football / Re: 2017 UB Football Win Predictions
« on: August 29, 2017, 09:20:24 AM »
I don't see them beating Minnesota, Army, or Florida Atlantic.  The only games I see them possibly winning are Colgate at home, at Kent, at Ball State.  Maybe at Akron.  And I wouldn't count anything automatic against Colgate because they're usually a strong program.  I mean best case scenario they win like 4 games, realistically I'm thinking 2.  I haven't heard any good reasons why this year's team will be any more competitive than last year's.

General Discussion / Re: Down to 16 sports?
« on: April 04, 2017, 09:02:48 AM »
UB athletics died the day Buffalonians ran Danny White out of town.

(trying to find a rolling-eyes emoji)
Haha, however you feel about Danny White, he and Hurley were always going to jump at the first opportunity to leave for a bigger stage.  I was never under any illusion otherwise.

General Discussion / Re: UB drops 4 sports
« on: April 03, 2017, 02:49:49 PM »
It's disappointing especially since these are programs which have shown some success, which is what we're supposed to be highlighting and rewarding.  The "flagship" school has their flag at half-mast today.

Unless you're one of the top programs, your athletic department at the D1 level is going to be massively subsidized.  I found it interesting that UB's athletic program is ranked third in funding in the MAC.  So competitiveness at our level shouldn't be a question of available resources.  A $2 million cut puts them roughly in the average tier for a MAC program, albeit with fewer sports than most of the others.  The problems that UB faces are the same that most others at their level face, they're not unique.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Kent State Post Mortem
« on: March 10, 2017, 08:48:33 AM »
A convoluted end to an inconsistent season.  A lot of the things that have been a problem for a while - like poor shooting - came back to bite them in the end.  I like how this team competed and picked up their defensive intensity in the second half of the season.  Glass half full - we got to see title teams and NCAA trips two years in a row, after waiting so long, the team is attracting highly regarded recruits.

We will miss Blake's and Willie's veteran presence.  I thought Kadiri was much more effective this season, being healthy, he had a better touch under the net and a decent jump shot.

We'll need Perkins to improve, because it didn't feel like he was any better at this point than a year ago.  We'll need Bertram to be an imposing inside presence.  We'll need Quate's athleticism on defense.  We'll need Jordan and Caruthers to improve on offense and to run the show.  We'll need keep doing what he's doing.  We'll need someone to step up and be another regular scorer besides him.  I'm optimistic - how could you not be after the two season prior to this?

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Bowling Green Thread
« on: March 03, 2017, 10:17:04 PM »
This Bulls team is perplexing.  They can play so well, so focused that you're very confident of their chances of winning the MAC again.  But they can switch off and play so sloppy, in the same game, that you worry about their chances.  UB raced out to an early lead in the manner they used to, and you thought it was going to be a pedestrian contest the rest of the way.  But credit to BGSU, they're not a very talented team but they kept hustling.  Grabbed a lot of offensive rebounds and a couple steals/rebounds off missed foul shots. 

Hamilton - what more can you say.  Makes those beautiful fade-away shots, the kind that a senior who's polished his game makes.  You also get a couple of those bad decisions with it, and he's got to watch it at the point, they're nipping at the ball and he lost a couple.  I shouldn't nit-pick too much on a guy like that but I expect a lot from him.
Pino - I love what he gave them today, a steal and a couple points, a class move to give him the start.
Kadiri - a guy who you look up and realize 'wow, he's got double digits'.  He's really gotten a lot better with his touch under the basket.  Staying healthy has helped him develop more consistent performances.
Raheem - he and Perkins got torched a few times on a strong move to the basket, if they were chasing the play a little.  The athleticism he brings shows in the blocks and put-backs around the net.  You see that and wish he could've been around more the past couple years to be a more polished player.
Perkins - a relatively quiet game.  I get the impression at the end of his second year here that he's not much better than he was at the end of last year, and that kinda bothers me.  Still has so much potential, just needs focus and consistency in everything he does - positioning, shooting, playing intense the whole time.
CJ - a quiet first half, several big three's in the second.
Caruthers - 3 more steals, starting to get better in the past month with his scoring.
Quate - the games he's getting in now may pay off next week, with another athletic player to rotate in there.

Overall, I expected going into the season they should be a top four seed, and it had some bumps along the way but they're there.  They're in as good a position as any to win again.  If they can play defense the way we know they can, be composed and sharp when they need to be, have big players (Hamilton, Conner, CJ) make big buckets when needed, they'll be in the mix.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: AKRON Game
« on: February 26, 2017, 04:34:48 PM »
Fully aware of that BrooklynBull.  My hope is that they see the kind of crowd they can get by scheduling a game like this and might do so again, purposefully to begin with, in the future.

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