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Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Calvin Betts Update
« on: March 03, 2006, 12:55:30 PM »
Quote from: "UB2004"
This year we've seen the difference between having a true PG run the point (Battle) and having shooting guards do it. Rod and Calvin have done okay but our turnovers are way up from last year.

Surprisingly last year we averaged 15.5 turnovers per game and this year we're averaging 16.6...which is only 1.1 more per game

Okay...I just remember reading in the Buffalo News a week or so ago that turnovers were way up from last year.  Though I think it was over the last couple games (at that point, at Kent, at Akron, etc.).

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Calvin Betts Update
« on: March 03, 2006, 09:58:47 AM »
Is Moore a point guard?  I know that Andy Robinson is.  This year we've seen the difference between having a true PG run the point (Battle) and having shooting guards do it.  Rod and Calvin have done okay but our turnovers are way up from last year.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / National Anthem Reworded
« on: March 02, 2006, 10:40:48 AM »
I don't mind yelling out one pertinent word that's already in the anthem, but don't change the words.  That would be disrespectful.  Aerosmith got ripped for doing that a few years ago at the Indy 500 - changing the end to "and the home of the INDY 500!".

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Screw The Roo - Postgame Thread
« on: March 02, 2006, 10:12:37 AM »
Couple thoughts:

1. The past two games they've really been doing better in the paint on offense.  Calvin's shooting from outside has been ice cold till sometime in the second half yesterday, but a lot of the slack has been picked up by the big guys.  Mario's hustling like crazy and for once it's not always resulting in fouls on him.  Yassin had a lot of put-backs on Sunday, and we're driving to the lane more.  I can't stress this enough - good things happen when the Bulls drive to the bucket.  Just like last year, our offense stagnates when we get into this rythym of just passing the ball around 4 guys at the perimeter, then taking an ill-advised shot as the shot clock winds down.  When Turner would drive to the hoop last year, it would open everything up - either a layup, or a foul, or kicking it out for an outside shot.  But we've got to get it inside in order to open up any outside shots.  I hate watching four guys pass it around the perimeter and running those hand-offs.

2. Where's Gamble been?  Not practicing well?  Moore played a lot the past few games, and has been more apt to take some shots than he was before.  Before this, Smiley had been the only freshman willing to shoot the ball.  I think this shows some growing confidence.

3. The only reason Akron was in this game early was because they seemed to drain every 3-ball they took.

4. What's up with Akron, when their star center is named Romeo and wears leggings.

5. Looking forward to the playoff game on Monday, if only because there are no gimmicks and games during breaks.  No ads, no piped-in arena music, just the pep band, the cheerleaders and dazzlers, and the fans, just like it should be.  I know the revenue is needed by the program, but it's nice to have a pristine experience once or twice a season.

6. The crowd was a little light but the rough losses the team took in the past month or so really killed the buzz about them.  One thing about having a more compact crowd, however, is that it allows the cheers to be more clearly heard and executed.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / end of game chant
« on: March 02, 2006, 09:52:52 AM »
Yeah, I like this one.  Something original to us.

We could've deridingly chanted, "You live in Akron!" clap clap clapclapclap

But please please please, stop doing the Ole ole ole chant.  The only people that do this are A) some South Americans and Europeans, B) fans of the Mexican national team, and C) fans in Montreal.  Don't get me wrong - I'm a lifelong soccer player and I like soccer chants and cheers.  But Mexico's deplorable and Montreal is really weird.  Leave it to them.  Some cheers can cross over sports. On the other hand, some like Ole ole ole or Take me out to the Ballgame are best left where they are.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Mike Harrignton Response
« on: March 02, 2006, 09:43:39 AM »
Remember that this is the same Mike Harrington who also said prior to the season that Canisius would be the team to beat out of the four local D-1 schools.  Preseason predictions are usually dodgy at best, so I'll cut him a little slack for that, but still.  Remember that there is an old-line local basketball establishment around here that probably doesn't like UB crashing their party.

Remember as well that reporters will say anything in order to get attention.  Newspapers are businesses that exist to make money, and they make money when they're attracting notice.  I happen to usually like Harrington's columns, as opposed to that weasel Sullivan - that guy will write anything to get noticed, and then will backtrack and say the opposite later on, all the while professing how much more right he is than the rest of us rubes.

Niagara can put less people in a high school-size gym and make it look a lot more packed and sound a lot louder.  What UB needs to keep working on is building that sense of pride among students and alums in their school.  As someone who's been going to these games since the mid to late 1980's, it's amazing to see how much that sense of pride has grown in the past few years.  I'd venture to say that you hear a lot fewer people (as a percentage of the institution, students and alums) at Niagara complaining about their school than you do at UB.  Though it's getting better.  What Harrington doesn't quite get is that Niagara has an athletic tradition spanning many decades that students and alums can be proud of and be motivated by.  UB has only started to build that tradition that binds us together - beyond the past few years, there really is nothing.  Already you see more and more UB apparel being worn around town.

I'm not interested in competing with these local schools that have derided us this long - I'm interested in burying Canisius, Bona (if they ever want to play us again), and Niagara EVERY SINGLE YEAR.  That you'd have our tier of athletics, and their piddly one down there.  So that we never have to read articles like this even venturing to compare levels of student and alumni support at UB and these others.

I'm withholding a prediction on this game - I think UB will win because they're usually so tough at home, but then again Ohio beat us three times last year.  We'll get a big game out of somebody, but (1) we can't be so dependent on the threes, especially Calvin's and (2) we've got to get it inside more, draw some fouls.  It's like blitzing in football - you live by the three, you die by the three (or the lack of them dropping).  Too often when Yassin is on the bench, we work it around the perimeter with four guys, no one moving, and one guy shuffling around in the paint.  Too many guys on our team right now are hesitant to shoot - mostly the freshmen.  It's too easy to guard against when you know there's only 2 or 3 of the guys on the court are ones that will be assertive and shoot the ball.  Andy put up some good points at BGSU however.  I recognize that they're freshmen and right now it's best to play tough defense and not make killer mistakes.  Last year, for example - our team was MUCH better when Turner was making drives to the basket, either dishing it off for a shot, going for a layup, and/or getting fouled.  When our team stands around and watches each other, that's when their progress slows to a crawl.  Also, we need to watch inside defense and ESPECIALLY our transition defense.  We've had a couple games where we got killed by that.

I don't buy all this 'payback' stuff for the game tonight.  Winning a regular season game would not be even close to retribution for losing in OT on a last second tip-in in the conference title game.  Nowhere near it.  That's like saying when the Bills beat the Titans in the home opener the season after we lost to them in the playoffs on that stupid Immaculate Deception play was payback - ha, no way.  Those games are like punches to the gut that make you puke afterwards, and the bruise and the taste does not go away that easily.  I accept that beating Ohio would be sweet; up until the MAC title game last year, I always viewed games against Kent State with more venom than I did any of the other conference opponents.

I have to say, I think the arena was louder and crazier before the renovations, when the Mighty Maniacs really got strong.  For example, the Kent State game that year and the playoff game against Northern Illinois.  Way more students going nuts.  I appreciate the increased support from the public (alums and just general fans) but they don't tend to be the ones creating the college basketball atmosphere.

Give 'em hell tonight, guys.  I have a game down in Elma so I can't make it, but we'll be out for beer and wings afterwards and we'll watch it on TV.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / New Nickname for UB
« on: December 22, 2005, 03:19:08 PM »
Changing our school's nickname to the Royal Bulls is a ridiculous idea.  The nickname is fine as it is.

The school was originally known as the Bisons until sometime in the 1930's or 40's.  At that point they wanted to differentiate themselves from the professional teams in town.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Jerry Sullivan's negative article
« on: December 22, 2005, 03:14:12 PM »
Sullivan's a journalist, and as such he can make lots of rash, blanket statements and generalities without having to back them up with facts or stand by them at a later date.  You can count on Sullivan saying the exact opposite of all this if UB continues to do well the rest of the season.  Journalists work for newspapers, which are businesses, and are therefore paid to sell papers and advertising.  He once said how getting Bledsoe was a good deal - then made his living off trashing him when it wasn't working.  Does anyone call him out on this stuff? - no, apparently he's not really responsible for things he's said in the past.

For what it's worth, and this is no knock against the current team because I think they're pretty good in their own way - I have to side with last year's team until this group shows they can win as many tough, clutch games when it matters.  Stepping up against Rutgers, Fresno, and Niagara was big, as was winning last night even though they played bad - I'm reserving judgement until I see what we can do this year in conference games.  Though maybe it doesn't need to be judged - last year's team was great, and this year's looks to be too.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Starting a new tradition
« on: December 21, 2005, 03:07:38 PM »
Quote from: "Scatchie38"
back in the day WAY BACK people told me that htey used to throw tissue rolls after the first basket every game and get a techincal....anyone can verify that?

I've been going to games there my whole life and I've never seen this.  Back in the mid-90's the fans used to clap (constant beat) and stand from before the tip-off until we got our first basket.  That died off sometime between the departure of Young and Martinho and the arrival of Reggie.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Frosh Discussion
« on: December 02, 2005, 02:52:48 PM »
Take it easy, it's only six games into the season.  The freshmen will develop at different rates.  At this point all we need is for one or maybe two of them to step up for each game and fill their role.  We can't fully judge this year's class at least until sometime next season.  Unlike when Battle and company came here, we're not in a position where we absolutely need some freshmen to take the reins of the team.  If one or two of them can put in some quality minutes and maybe 8-10 points a game, all the while picking up the system and integrating into the team, that's all I care about right now.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Boston College
« on: November 21, 2005, 11:30:41 AM »
Quote from: "admin"
I remember the last time we played BC.  It was at Alumni in '94 I think.  Cohane slowed the game down by killing the clock and frustrating the BC players.  The strategy almost worked.  With like 2 minutes left we were down by 2 or 3 points.  The place was rocking.

Howard Eisley and Bill Curley played on that team.  Howard Eisley was mouthing off to the UB bench the whole time.  I'm not sure why, but maybe he disliked Coach Cohane.

That game was awesome!  Alumni had a big crowd by the standards back then (around 4500) and UB had a good team that year.  Modie Cox was a senior, and you had juniors who just transferred in like Myron Banks, Kelvin Robinson, and Woody Williams.  I'm not sure if Rasaun and Mikey Martinho were there yet.  BC was ranked around 22 or 24 in the country.  Admin is right, UB's plan was to have Modie bring the ball up just past half court, wait there till the shot clock was down to about 10, and then drive to the basket.  He'd either get a typical Modie amazing layup, dish it off for a quick shot, or draw a foul.  UB was up by a couple points with about 5 minutes left, but BC took things over after that.  The Eagles were rattled - the crowd was into it (pretty weird back then).  Someone threw a can at BC coach Tom O'Brien and he went NUTS.  Face all red, ranting and raving, and they had Cohane get on the mike and tell people not to throw anything.

I went to Northeastern for undergrad and have no love or respect for anything BC.  Here's hoping UB can pull off the upset.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Canisius Game
« on: November 19, 2005, 02:34:37 PM »
The crowd was kinda lame tonight, compared to how it's been before.  I don't know if that was because there were a lot of new people there or what.  Maybe seeing somewhat of a different team out there, it took people a while to get into it.  I know from where we sat behind the band, at least half the time we were the ones who had to get the defensive cheers started because people were sitting on their hands.

Our interior defense in the first half and the beginning of the second half was atrocious.  Yassin was just too passive in there.  He's awesome when he's hitting his shots but is sort of a liability when he isn't, unless he gets help on the defensive end.  The freshmen will develop at different rates.  Gamble's progress will be aided by the fact that he's played so many big games against high caliber opponents for the Falls.  He hustled, played tough defense, did everything we needed him too.  Parnell was tough too.  Our leaders stepped up at the end and took the game.  If Vadim can get his touch and positioning going he'll be a valuable guy off the bench.  Teams are going to slam it inside on us this season so Jordan, Gamble, and Parnell are going to have to play tough defense.  Unfortunately they're going to pick up a lot of fouls too.  I liked the fact that a bunch of the guys stepped up when it mattered, upperclassmen and freshmen.  Freshmen will tend to be inconsistent however, so it's important that one or two of them can step up and make some plays each game.

Honestly, five years ago we'd never have gotten Gamble, he would've left this area in a heartbeat for a bigger school.  The fact that he's a Bull shows how far our program has progressed.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Chants/Heckling etc.
« on: November 19, 2005, 02:26:52 PM »
Quote from: "Scatchie38"

if ya'll didnt chant the standard canisius chants tonight then u missed out cause it is a good time:






Where were you sitting?  A couple of us were behind the band and that side was LAME.  Half the time over there it was the four of us starting the defensive cheers.  I wish I had been able to hear these taunts, I would've surely gone along!  I wanted to break out either "Catholic! Community! College!" or "D'Youville Rejects!" but I didn't think they'd hear it.

I think the best way is to get ideas out BEFORE the game, so people know what's up.  Have one person be kind of the 'crowd marshal', who directs and starts the cheers.  That's how we did it in undergrad at Northeastern, and it keeps things properly organized and the cheers crisp.

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