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Buffalo Bulls Football / Minnesota game notes
« on: August 29, 2017, 12:28:20 PM »

Both teams pulling a Michigan without any 2-deeps yet. Mark Gaughan of Buffalo News says last scrimmage was this, with few surprises:

QB Tyree Jackson RB Emmanuel Reed, TE Tyler Mabry, WR Anthony Johnson, WR Jamarl Eiland, WR Kamathi Holsey, LT Evin Ksiezarczyk, LG Brandon Manosalvas, C James O'Hagan, RG Tomas Jack-Kurdyla, RT David Goldsby.

DE Demone Harris, DT Chris Ford, DT Justin Brandon, DE Charles Harris, OLB Jarrett Franklin, MLB Khalil Hodge, OLB Jordan Collier, CB Cameron Lewis, S Tim Roberts, S Ryan Williamson, CB Tatum Slack. Slack, Brandon Williams and Devon Russell all are in tight competition.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Pre-season projections
« on: August 02, 2017, 12:49:13 PM »
The CollegeSportsMadness 144 poll pegged is at #101, 2nd in the MAC:

And another analytical estimate:

This kid from Webster Schroeder HS has been a rising name since last season when he averaged 19.8/14.6/5 blks and earned All-State 2nd Team. Very much in the McCrea mold, mature build with long arms but 6'6"-6'7" is keeping the major programs like SU from offering. Canisius offered, and he's said Kent St and NJIT have as well. I've read on forums that he moved from Newark, NY and knows McCrea's family, so that's a plus. He's with the City Rocks now and is listed as a 2015 since he will likely go prep to gain more looks.

Football Recruiting / 2015 commit, Brandon Smiley
« on: May 01, 2014, 01:35:01 AM »
6' 2" WR/DB playing at Sweet Home. Yet another big, quick athlete from the Panthers. 1st team Class A All-state DB as a JR. Big play DB but looks like we have recruited him as WR right now. He's not quite as fast or as smooth as Jordan Johnson, and runs a bit too upright right now...but then again, it works for Starks, so what do I know.

General Discussion / HOT!!! Facilties Master Plan Released
« on: February 13, 2014, 03:09:26 PM »
Just posted. I'm going into hibernation for a few hours digesting its goodness. Enjoy.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Akron White Out, Feb 19th
« on: February 12, 2014, 03:04:31 PM »
To sell a t-shirt? Better than a black out I guess. I'd prefer endless sea-of-blue myself.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Breaking down Hurley's 'deal'
« on: February 08, 2014, 01:03:30 AM »
Buffalo Business First runs another great story on UB athletics. Through a FOIL request and openness from White we see he really doesn't have a contract yet. White seems to like doing this with coaches.

Hurley's M.O.U.

Reggie's final contract

General Discussion / Very under the radar: Syracuse arena/stadium
« on: January 16, 2014, 02:35:58 PM »
Over the last few days there were rumors around Syracuse media that the Onondaga County Executive had discussed with and received backing from Cuomo to work to receive ~$200M toward a ~$500M possibly retractable-roof stadium for a parcel in downtown Syracuse. Talk of SU looking to re-hab or replace the Dome happen all the time, but they just had a new leader step in this week and he talked up the issue a lot. They say it would be a mix of state, county, SU, and private developer funds.

The problem was, Syracuse's Mayor, the owners of the land (SUNY Upstate Med), and others, were not in on these dealings and wanted more answers. The backers wanted to rush to get this through for the next Legislative session but have backed off as quickly as the story arose. Now the Mayor is being blamed by backers and lauded by others. She was on Capital Tonight on YNN last night and the commentator just could not believe it: Albany invests in Nano, Buffalo invests in Downtown/Waterfront/Biotech, and Syracuse's leaders think a stadium is their top economic shot in the arm?

There are new stories out all the time and they can be reviewed here. What's funny is hardly anyone outside Syracuse media had time to pick up on this. I would implore others to let media, state legislators, and SUNY Centers know of this.

It's a slippery slope to claim the Syracuse area needs and can benefit from this, while a private school would see greater benefits than any other entity. Obviously no other state would give such a gift whereby a private school would be primary tenant at a publicly-funded facility. Baylor only received some local funds for land and road improvements, not for their new stadium. TCU's huge renovations were privately raised. RIT used private funds for their ice arena construction. Meanwhile the state appropriation process dragged its feet on Albany's stadium, froze Stony Brook's BB arena reno for years, hasn't funded Buff State's stadium proposal, and our Fieldhouse/stadium projects are going at the privately-funded snail's pace, too. And I'm sure RIT, Niagara, Canisius, Fordham, etc, would also feel slighted if only 1 private school were to benefit athletically from state aid.  

Buffalo Bulls Football / So who is the 21st senior?
« on: November 26, 2013, 01:53:10 PM »
The latest game notes mentions 21 seniors playing their last game in WNY. 20 of them are clear but #21 is murkier (for me). I've wondered about the eligibility status of Brim and Redden.

Reddan was a 2010 signee and Brim a 2010 walk-on. Brim in 2010 played 1 game, Redden played in 10 as a true FR. In 2011 Brim played 10 games, Redden played 1, and his UB bio lists his 2011 as 'red-shirt'. They've been regular rotation guys 2012 and 2013.

Brim was listed in the media guide as a Sr with Jr eligibility, but all season he's been listed as Sr on the roster and game notes. ESPN's UB roster lists him as a Jr. Redden is listed as SR/SR in the media guide, on ESPN, on draft sites, but a JR on UB's roster and the game notes.

It's obviously a mis-print somewhere, though I'd hope both have a year of eligibility left! Though I don't know why Redden would be a SR based on his redshirt season, I guess he is that 21st Sr.

Other Sports / NLI fall signing season thread
« on: November 13, 2013, 03:28:19 AM »
Today is the first day of the fall signing period. Just for fun I'll try and keep track of any I find.

UB got a few baseball recruits from CNY.

Andrew Taft (Clinton HS), a good looking catcher who hit .346 with two homers, 21 RBIs and 16 walks as a junior

IF/P Tom Taplin (Pulaski HS), 3rd team All-state Class C

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