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To be fair (to myself) I said Priority 10 and Importance 2...which understandably can be confusing as those two words are generally synonyms.  My thought is, if we had a limited amount of money we could focus on creating new streams of revenue or improving the product.

Therefore the track is in my opinion both a high priority yet relatively unimportant at the same time.

It's good that we do have an option to fix UB stadium.  My top desire is to start over with a football stadium near South second choice is to drop the track program, remove the track and start track once the football program is profitable enough to pay for Kunz to be a good track venue.  My last choice would be to be mediocre in both and hope for a miracle.

Inspired by this post

I guess you hope that if we're struggling, that at least were not being surpassed by teams that should be struggling with us.  Temple and South Florida come to with 5 new teams moving FBS I want to see how we stack up against the "young" and "new" teams in FBS.  Are we making progress or standing still and falling further behind.

I ended up looking at 33 teams and its taking a lot of research to figure out what facilities these teams have and how much they paid for them...but for now I wrote this piece on my hatred of the track, and comparing our Win Loss Record to the teams we should be on par with over the last 5 years.

Buffalo Bulls Football / Re: Buffalo Bills vs. Bulls
« on: May 15, 2012, 07:41:04 PM »
Well my current distance from Buffalo gives me the option to attend 1 to 2 games a year.  I am enough of a fan to watch and at points in the past pay for crappy streams to watch every game or beg some bar owner to turn a tv to Buffalo Ohio on ESPNU on a random Thursday afternoon.  But not enough of a fan to take my dollars to UB stadium.  My fly east and watch a game budget in the last few years have taken me to Buffalo twice, one great trip despite being totally out of the action because of the sight lines ('08 Baylor) (edit Baylor was '07) and one all around awful trip Temple (2010).  

I went to Temple in 2009 and had a good time especially as it was a comfortable NFL stadium and they sold beer to drown the sorrows of a million Maynard interceptions.  In 2011 the gameday experience of Tennessee was majestic.  2012 I'll go to Georgia and  2013 Ohio State. (edit '08 was at Pitt, team played well, our fans traveled well and the food was great another comfortable NFL experience)

If I lived in Buffalo, and the game was on tv...I'd probably stay at home, more comfortable seats, better views, better food, alcohol is served and I'll take  the bull run game thread over the crowd (or lack thereof) at UB stadium most times.

Buffalo Bulls Football / Re: Buffalo Bills vs. Bulls
« on: May 15, 2012, 05:41:01 PM »
I'm a huge UB fan and I try my best to never go to UB stadium...Alumni Arena looks (edit: wanted to say Alumni looks unimpressive, but at least the atmosphere is good, the sight lines are good and the new video board is state of the art)  I hate everything about it (UB Stadium).  So I agree whole-heartedly with rochesterbull.  I'm from Buffalo, and I would probably pass UB if I learned I'd have to practice outside in November...I don't know how we could ever recruit Floridians and Texans to do so...hats off to the coaches for those pulls.

It can't get worse, worse would be continuing to be 2-10 and 3-9... however I would be intrigued by us going coach-less for 5-10 years, we could use the savings to build that field house.

but...what is our alternative...we are again a bottom 10 team with bottom 10 facilities.  Quinn would likely get picked up by Notre Dame, where all our top players could transfer away to and our top recruits would de-committ.

Our coaching vacancy would be one of the least sought positions in the nation, so to think we'd be able to find an improvement would be naive. 

Then a coaching change, whoever it may be, would lead to another 2 years of sitting starters in favor of freshmen, and rebuilding.

I am not pro Quinn, but I think if we are smart we will stick with him for 4-5 years.  The real problems we have are our compensation and our facilities...if we want a better coach, we have to attract a better coach...but as it stands we have the coach we deserve.

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