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Buffalo Bulls Football / Re: Fighting Irish to UB Bulls
« on: July 17, 2018, 03:41:04 AM »
The Fall 2018 football roster released the other day on the UB athletic website does not have Ashton listed. Any idea if this player failed to commit or were there other issues where he could not sign?


I am a Bulls fan living in Hawaii.

Some facts here;

UH as a condition of membership in the MW conference has to pay over 100k each year to any visiting team playing here. The fan base from visiting teams is very small.

UH is paying Albany very little. If Albany were Division I they would get a 500+ guarantee.

UH football is way down in attendance. A game with Albany would result in  maybe 15000 tickets sold but half that in the stands. Sound familiar?

Fans get the fantasy of a trip out here. If one wants to come to the Aloha state, they can always buy tickets for around $600-$700 from Buffalo. Next year when Southwest comes in to HNL it should be less with a free stop in Vegas.

UH has to play a couple of money games on the road every year. Of late they have played at UW,Mich,USC. UMASS game them a home and home but had to eat travel costs.

I would rather see UB/Penn State or a Big Ten school where I can soak up the collegiate atmosphere.

Finally, I read this site, UB Bullrun and the BN for UB football coverage. The BN  is virtually worthless with great  coverage on the Bills and precious little on college football. They use the excuse that Buffalo is not a college football town-true but they never will be unless area fans know somethng about the team and college football  in general.. The negativism of the pundits like Bucky Gleason hurts a lot.  Any ideas of what might be done to over come this aside other than having a winning team?

General Discussion / Re: UB drops 4 sports
« on: April 06, 2017, 09:37:05 PM »
Of course it is a sad day to see programs go but it is inevitable. Over the years a number of academic programs have been eliminated but not with the general level of frustration that Bulls fans have seized on. UB is not bush league and it needs all fans and alumni to support it not vent hate (sounds like the Trumpies). I especially regretted the Buffalo News columnists focusing their rage on eliminating football. Check attendance in the MAC and you will see UB is not that bad especially given our mediocre record.

It is apparent that most fans do not have a clue to how a university is financed. Some see it as one large pot that the President can draw from to do anything he pleases. Not true at all so quit comparing what happens in the medical school to support for undergraduate activities.

The answer here is to support what we have with philanthropy, ticket sales and winning teams and do not let the negativism get us down.

Buffalo Bulls Football / Time for Lance to Reevaluate Staff
« on: October 16, 2016, 11:31:38 AM »
I have seen five of the Bulls games. The team is in regression. Tons of missed assignments, misalignments plus poor performance. The quaterback is good and will get better. There are some individuals on defense playing very good football but alas whe have basically a Div III staff who are out of the league. Yesterday the Bulls wwere poorly positioned and fauled to make defensive adjustments. All three coordinators sit in the booth and either failed to alert others on the field or there is very poor communication. Once there was a penalty on an on side kick. The team was lined up that way for several minutes yet no one called down.

Lance has to make adjustments with staff but something tells me that he has neither the fortutude or the acument to do it. I think Allen Green may have to take some direction and get this team squared away. Two or more seasons of this and Bucky Gleason might finally get his way.

I am wondering why we are having this conversation now? Is it because of AD White's departure or the column of a local hockey writer?  Whatever,it certainly does not help the cause for sustaining a strong program. Research faculty leave all of the time for more research money and better facilities but few discuss the possibility of scaling back a program with growth potential much less one that gives the University considerable exposure. In the course of competition for the best athletes talk of scaling back will be used negatively.

I do not know where UB will find itself in athletics 20 -30 years from now but we are very young in the grand shceme of D-1 athletics yet we have had a modecum of success. Our MAC opponets do not not do very much better attendance wise (in fact we led the MAC in attendace just two years ago) but the TV revenue and exposure more than make up for any crowd loss.

I have lived in many places around the US and even internationally but I have observed a Buffalo trait that rears it heads from time to time that is myopic. Why in the world would we not want to aim high not just in sports but in all of our efforts- institutional and individual. Enough of this. Let us proudly support UB. We now have the foundation to support great success so please no more talk of "scaling back"

General Discussion / Marching Band
« on: September 02, 2014, 11:35:40 PM »
Most would agree that a top notch marching band can truly make for an outstanding game experience. I have also heard it said that AD Danny White had expressed interest in upgrading the "Thunder of the East". After watching and listening to the band at Saturday's season opener it can only be concluded that our band has reached new lows.

I don't want to take anything away from the UB small number of UB students who I am sure work very hard and give up much  of their free time to perform. I do however, place a heavier burden on the directors who do not seem to be able to  put together a top flight organization.  The directors have not recruited  significant numbers (I counted just over 50 instrumentalists), disappoint the fans with no marching technique and whose music selections in the stands and on the field do nothing to boost the team and excite the crowds. The more we put up with mediocrity from this organization, the longer it will take to turn the band round.

In addition the uniforms are uninspiring. The band reminds me of a small town community drum and  bugle corp (but it has way to many flutes and clarinets  and not enough brass) and  they don't march well enough to claim this dubious honor.

A university with a large undergraduate population like UB has hundreds, perhaps thousands of students with band experience. Obviously no one is effectively recruiting them for the band. There simply does not seem to be leadership at the top. Perhaps it is in the organizational structure but change has to start somewhere.

I could go on and on this but surely there are  others who also care and have a take on this but the opening performance left nothing but a negative impression.

General Discussion / Re: Buffalo News Series on UB Athletics
« on: August 20, 2014, 08:03:06 PM »
Did Buffalo Super Fan attend UB? If he did he was  certainly not an English major or for that matter in any department that valued critical thinking. I can no longer read his postings as they  are way to long and disjointed. His reasoning is circular, repetitious and rambling. Parsimony and succinctness are not among his virtues. It is ok to have opinions, even those contrary to most of the other contributors, just take a little time to make your arguments worthy.

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